Your Life Will Improve In These Ways When You Cut Substance Abuse

It’s probably safe to say that most people don’t begin their lives with the idea that they’re going to be hooked on substances. Your mind probably automatically goes to things like alcohol and the hardcore drugs like heroin, cocaine, or meth, but the reality of the matter is that substance abuse goes much farther than that, and addiction is not something that is limited to just narcotics and chemicals that make you feel good or help you sleep. It can go so far that people who you would never suspect will be caught with dangerous drugs on them so they can get their fix, putting them in a terrible position that previously they wouldn’t have thought of as they’ll be taken to court.

The idea that harder drugs are the only thing that are a problem is not realistic. Most people don’t even realize they have a problem, as the stages of addiction start with seemingly harmless experimentation and move rather quickly into social and recreational use, into regular use, and finally into a chemical dependency that alters your mind and makes it so that it’s extremely difficult and almost impossible for you to become free of the substance you’re using.

It comes to the point where the only way to get free is to accept the help of those who know what you’re going through and have the needed tools to bring you success. If you’re in a place where you’re wanting to get freedom from substance abuse but you’re not sure why you should go through the trouble, here are ways your life will improve once you take this step:

You’ll Have Money

Substance abuse of any kind breaks the bank. If you think that raising a family and feeding 4 people is expensive, you don’t quite understand the amount of money that you’re spending to support your habit.

A cigarette smoker will spend an average of $160 a week on their cigarettes alone.Many smokers aren’t stopping at cigarettes. Their habits could include things like cigars, tobacco for pipes, and marijuana. That adds up to an outrageous sum! Your rent might only be $400 a month. Do you realize that a cigarette smoker spends that and then an extra $240 to support their habit in a single month. Quit the substance and you could live like a king…or at least go on vacation.

You’ll Have Better Relationships

People attract relationships that reflect the lifestyle that they live. People’s character traits and habits also rub off on one another. When a person who has a tendency to become dependant on a substance hangs out with people of the same character downfalls, there is a never ending toxic cycle of dependency and enablement.

People who are very motivated to get what they personally need out of life are rather terrible at being good friends. It’s a pretty well known fact. True love is unconditional. People with conditions can rarely offer themselves with no expectation of a return favor.

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