Win an ABSolutely Fabulous Trip to Ibiza

Inspired by a visual stimulus such as spotting a finely-sculpted magazine model or athlete on TV, at some or other point in our lives we yearn to be able to show off a finely-chiselled set of abs. You could perhaps looking at it from a nostalgic point of view, thinking back to your hey days when you proudly had a six-pack. It takes a lot of hard work to construct a solid set of abs the shirt you’re wearing gets in the way of though, which is why people can’t help but look twice in admiration of someone who has managed to carve out some well-defined abs. Everybody knows just how much hard work goes into it and this is perhaps the biggest barrier to many people going all the way to be able to revealing a rock-solid abdominal muscles.

All the Motivation You Need

If you’re one such person with a desire to cultivate a solid set of abs and perhaps show them off any chance you get, there’s some hope for you, in the form of some serious motivation to commit and stick to a fitness plan which will help you realise your “abdominal dreams.” How does a trip to Ibiza sound, where you’ll have the perfect opportunity to show off what’s under your shirt, while partying it up on the beach with a couple of your mates along with many other eager beach-goers? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Fast-growing and leading sports nutrition specialist, MaxiNutrition, is giving away an ABSolutely fabulous trip to Spain’s Ibiza Island. You can even bring two of your best mates along and enjoy some VIP treatment you’d otherwise not ordinarily be privy to (unless of course you’re a professional athlete or something along those lines). The challenge is simply to get yourself beach ready and in so-doing, perhaps realise your goal of acquiring a neat set of abs. Make no mistake about it though, it is indeed a challenge in the true sense of the word, but a very achievable challenge if you follow the nutrition and exercise plans made available by MaxiNutrition. Their specially formulated range of supplements work well with the workout plans created for budding beach-body worthy fitness nuts like yourself and you’ll have 30 days to see just how much of a transformation you can manage. With the right information and guidance, it really is possible for you to reveal an abdominal region which is closer to the well-defined set of abs we all dream about.

It really doesn’t matter what your current fitness levels are and just how out of shape you may think you are. Think of it this way – the more out of shape you are, the bigger the transformation you can realise and the better your chances of coming away as the most transformed participant, which is really what the challenge is all about.

If your regular enthusiasm for hitting the gym with the aim of chiselling out a neat set of abs usually fizzles out after a couple of days in the gym, use this MaxiNutrition 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge to stay on course and that all-inclusive VIP trip to Ibiza could be all yours! Your abs will thank you and perhaps even two of your best mates too.

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