Why Your Head Is Just As Important As The Rest Of Your Body

It is fairly likely that when you think about being healthy and taking care of your body, your mind goes to things like eating right and getting fitness. However, you also want to take care of your extremities. People sprain their legs and break their arms or wrists often, which might make them be more careful.

However, since there’s often less talk about spinal injuries and head traumas, you may not think about the importance of protecting your noggin. You should, since your head is housing your brain, which controls your entire body.

Your Ears

Your ears help you hear, they make it so you can communicate better, and they also work to help you keep your balance. And inner ear problem can cause you vertigo and dizziness which can keep you from driving a car, riding a bicycle, or even being able to walk any distance.

Taking care of your ears is as basic as wearing hearing protection every time it is needed, and never putting things into your ears. Swabs in your ears can be extremely dangerous and damaging. Instead, if you feel like your ears need a good clean (which they do once in a while by the way), you can consult a trusted audiologist for an earwax removal treatment. It’ll feel much better than risking your ears with DIY cleaning.

Your Brain

Protect your brain anytime you’re doing something that puts you at risk of falling and injuring it. That means wearing a helmet when you are playing sports and when you are riding a bike, or even when horseback riding. Know how to be safe. You can also eat brain healthy foods to keep your brain fit and happy.

Your Spine

Not only do you want to protect your head, but you also want to protect your neck and spine. That means not just wearing a helmet, but also wearing padding. People have fallen off horses and ended up with spinal injuries leaving them in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Ride safe and smart.

Your Eyes

If you have been having headaches a lot, you may want to get your vision checked. It could be the cause. Even if you already wear glasses, your prescription may have changes. Eye health is important, and as you get older you can have problems like glaucoma and even blindness.

Your Mouth

Don’t forget to take care of your mouth. Mouth injuries and things like abscessed teeth can be extremely dangerous. You could get a blood infection, and that close to your brain it could kill quickly. Visit a dentist on a regular basis, and head in quick anytime you lose a tooth, break a tooth, or have any kind of traumatic mouth injury.

Don’t take your head health for granted. With all of these important functions going on up there, you want to do everything you can to protect it!


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