Why You Need a Basic Understanding of Jargon

I think as part of our mission and vision through this blog, we’ve firmly established that health isn’t just about hitting the gym and building up some toned, strong muscles, but rather a balancing act which entails catering to health in all areas of one’s life! Consequently, the lesson to be shared today transcends the health and fitness industry, although it is indeed most applicable to this particular sphere of life.

So we’re talking jargon today and not in the literal sense. We’re just discussing why it’s important to at least have a basic understanding of the jargon (find out what it means on https://www.fortinet.com/resources/cyberglossary/definitions-of-jargon) which forms part of a specific topic you might be interested in, or one which has something to do with a particular goal you want to achieve.

Definitions are meant to simplify understanding

Imagine having to recite the entire explanation of what a defined term means every single time you make reference to it! That would just complicate things unnecessarily. Sometimes it’s critical to know the jargon, such as how you’d probably prefer that your doctor knew exactly what they were prescribing to you as contained in the drug they make reference to via its long name, wouldn’t you?

Definitions are indeed meant to simplify understanding, so they’re often worth learning so that you don’t always have to suffer the equivalent of a doctor reading out all the ingredients of a particular medication every time they wanted to prescribe it.

You will save some valuable time

In the same way that to having to recite the entire explanation of what a defined term means every single time you make reference to it would just complicate things and defeat the purpose of trying to explain or implement a conceptual idea, it would make things unnecessarily difficult by dragging them out and effectively just wasting time. You will save a lot of time if you can rather refer to an explanation’s defined term, so the jargon is worth learning if you have a deeper interest in the topic explored.

You can save lots of money on would-be heavy consultation fees

Well, to be fair you wouldn’t even have to look too long and hard to find a great wrongful death attorney in Portland, OR offering free consultations for example, but what if you’re looking for one in a city or state where there aren’t any offering free initial consultations, even to merely evaluate if you have a case or not? In that case knowing the basic jargon can make for the difference between great rates on your consultation fees and consultation fees which could get really heavy.

This applies to all industries, even permeating our health and fitness industry – you would spend longer in a one-on-one consultation with a personal trainer who is mapping out a tailor-made healthy-eating and exercise terrace for you if you’re not up to speed with terms like your BMI, metabolic rate, and other very basic ones we tend to take for granted so easily.

It doesn’t take long to whip out your phone and do a quick Google search of phrases you don’t know if you can’t find them in your pocket dictionary app…