Why A Fit Pregnancy Is Important

You don’t have to stop working out just because you’re going to have a baby. In fact, working out during your pregnancy can be really good for you and your baby. However, it’s important that you talk to your doctor at Sharp HealthCare (or elsewhere) before doing anything too strenuous, and you should also stop exercising if they suggest so.

Exercising, not matter what your life situation is, is important. It helps keep you fit and flexible, and it helps you stay in better shape and have more energy. If you want to keep moving even with a baby on the way, here are some tips.

Get A Little Extra Support

Depending on what type of exercise you plan to do, you may want to get a little extra support, especially if your belly is already getting bigger. Investing in some support leggings could help you out, and it may keep you from getting extra fatigue in your legs.

Your support could also come from using some free weights and other things in your workout. Even if you are to the point where you are waddling, some arm weights can allow you to at least continue getting a little exercise in, even if your belly is keeping you from doing much of anything else.

Try Something Less Strenuous

Some types of workouts may not work well for pregnant women, especially the farther along you are. Jumping rope may be great in the beginning, but that belly isn’t going to like all that bouncing farther along and you aren’t going to enjoy the belly getting in the way of that rope either.

Try things that are less about jumping, and more about movement. Yoga is a great way to stay toned and flexible, and you can continue doing it with your baby once they are born. It keeps you flexible, and might even help you learn some great breathing techniques that can help with giving birth.

Go For A Walk

Walking is a great way to get exercise, even when you’re pregnant. It’s a nice low impact way to get in some full body fitness, and it’s easy on your legs, and your belly. Unless your doctor has put you on bedrest, you should try to get some walking into every day, especially if you aren’t doing any other kind of exercising.

Walking is a great way to relax too, and stress is definitely not good during pregnancy. Walk alone, with a friend, or take your dog for a walk. If you already have any little ones, take them along in a stroller. Find new places to walk so you don’t get bored.

Fitness during pregnancy can help you make sure you are gaining a healthy amount of weight, while still staying in shape.


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