What to Do If You Suffer a Minor Head Injury

Suffering a minor head injury can happen to anyone of any age. Although they can result in brain damage, it’s very rare. It’s important to take the right steps to ensure that you or someone else is adequately cared for.

Aside from the pain, a head injury can also leave someone feeling disoriented. Therefore, make sure that you do the following after the incident.

Look Out For Signs Of Serious Damage

The first thing you should do is to watch for the telltale signs that the injury is serious. If the affected person is unconscious, you should call emergency services right away. Other signs include vomiting, memory loss, and a considerable amount of blood.

These symptoms should be taken very seriously, and the help of a professional is called for. A medic will be able to assess the situation and take the steps necessary to ensure no further damage occurs.

Ice The Affected Area

Applying ice to the affected area can help alleviate the initial pain. If you don’t have any ice packs on hand, you can use anything in the freezer from a bag of frozen vegetables to a tub of ice cream.

Just make sure to wrap the frozen item in a towel or napkin. Holding something frozen on the skin for too long can cause damage to your skin resulting in a burn.


It’s important to get plenty of rest in order to make a full recovery. If the victim was admitted into the hospital, they’ll usually keep an eye on the patient to ensure that they aren’t showing any further symptoms.

Take Pain Relievers

If you feel a considerable amount of pain, it’s ok to take aspirin or other pain relievers. If the person who suffered the incident was a small child, it’s recommended to take paracetamol or acetaminophen.

Your doctor will be able to give you a list of which treatments are acceptable for your condition based on the particular injuries and age of the person.

Take Action To Prevent Further Injuries

Following the accident, it’s important to take the right measures in order to prevent further injuries from happening again.

Always be sure to babyproof your home so that your child is safe from falling objects or steep stairs.

If the incident occurred at work, it’s important that your supervisor knows what happened so that they can take the proper measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen to someone else again. Informing your higher ups could also be important for you to receive adequate compensation for medical costs and absence from work. Most companies offer workers’ compensation insurance (visit https://www.icwgroup.com/workers-compensation/ to learn more), so you should be able to recover the costs for treatments and rehabilitation if required.

Workplace injuries can be avoided if proper precautions are taken and proper head protection is worn.

Additionally, you should always make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions to avoid being hurt as a result of failing to follow protocol.