Weight Loss: 7 Myths and Facts

Plenty of rumors regarding dieting and weight loss are circulating among your friends, family, and online. With everyone trying to lose weight and some people finding some short-term successes, it is easy to see how weight loss myths get started. We are all looking for answers so as soon as we see someone who appears to be losing weight, we want to know “How are you doing it? What’s working for you?” Here are 7 myths and facts you might here about weight loss.

  1. When You Lose Weight, It’s All Fat

This could not be further from the truth. When you lose weight, you are often losing water weight initially and then a portion of muscle mass later on. Unfortunately, our bodies only get to burning the fat when it has run out of other options. But, if you exercise with weights and strength training, you can speed up the time it takes for your body to get to the fat burning phase.

  1. The Fewer Calories You Eat, the More Weight You Will Lose

If you keep your caloric intake within recommended guidelines for weight loss, then yes, this statement is true. However, some people take the approach that if less is more, even less must be much more, right? No. When you reduce your caloric intake too much, your body goes into starvation mode and begins to hold on to the fat reserves for energy. You don’t do yourself any good by dipping too low with your calorie intake.

  1. Using a Diet Pill is Cheating

This one is definitely not true. Thank goodness we have the benefits of scientific discovery to help us with the difficult task of losing weight. While there certainly are some dubious supplements you want to avoid, there are proven and safe pharmaceuticals which have been used for years to help with appetite control and weight loss. One of them is Phentermine which can be order at Phentermine Pills Online. Phentermine doesn’t do all of the work for you, but it does help you to maintain your willpower better throughout the day so you can make healthier choices.

  1. In Order To Lose Weight, You Need to Skip Breakfast/Dinner/Snacks

Whichever version of this one you have heard, it is false. There is no scientific evidence that shows skipping certain meals helps you to lose weight. After all, don’t we end up making up for it throughout the day anyway? What is more important is what you eat during those meals. That’s what makes the big difference.

  1. Stop Eating Fat

The low-fat diet fads of the 80s and 90s still linger whenever we reach for butter and opt for low-fat margarine instead. Fat in and of itself doesn’t make you fat. So, yes, you can eat fat, you just need to account for it in your daily planning.

  1. The Only Way to Lose Weight is With Cardio

You don’t need to spend hours on the elliptical or the stationary bike to lose weight. You don’t need to run a marathon or join the next IronMan. While these things can be great, if you don’t like cardio, you don’t have to do it. Weight loss can even happen with very little exercise. Just walking a few times per week can be enough exercise if your caloric intake is correct. So, find things you enjoy and go have fun. Stop focusing on exercising and just start moving.

  1. I Can Never Eat Cake/Sugar/Flour/_____ Again

Fill in the blank with this diet myth. What is it for you? Do you think you can’t ever have chocolate, ice cream, or pizza again just because you want to lose weight? There are plenty of people who lost weight and chose and still include the foods they loved in their diets. Everything comes down to portion control. For those who struggle with portion control, you may need more help with incorporating these foods into your diet in a balanced way, but it can still be done. You don’t have to imagine a life without cake.

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