Ways to Keep Yourself Out of An Addictive Lifestyle

Addiction is like a thief in the night. You don’t know when it’s coming. It’s quick, it’s quiet upon entrance, and it’s out for the most valuable of your belongings. In your case, you are your most valuable belonging. Addiction is worse than any thief, though, because it robs your life and you can’t get that back, no matter how hard you try.

Some people are more prone and vulnerable to addiction. You must look at your own life and evaluate the history of your family to see if you’re one who might be more susceptible to getting hooked on addictive substances or activities due to genetics or personality type. While it’s ultimately up to you to guard yourself from things that could draw you in, you can also take other measures to ensure you keep yourself out of an addictive lifestyle.

Say No To Gateway Substances

Gateway substances are a hot topic in themselves. Obviously marijuana is considered by many to be a gateway drug. You might not agree, but if alcohol is a gateway drug, which it is, so is anything else that alters your state of mind and leads you to do things you wouldn’t normally do on a clear conscience.

Saying no to alcohol all the time is a hard thing to do. The same can be said for marijuana. If you know for a fact that you only indulge in a drink or two every so often and the same goes for pot, it might not be a problem, but if the indulgence becomes a weekly or nightly occurrence, you might have a problem. Don’t let it become an addiction since you may have to look for healthcare and rehabilitation services for specialized recovery and complete care. Moreover, recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be more difficult than avoiding the situation altogether since there is always a chance of relapse.

Don’t Do Things Out of An Emotional State

It’s easy to say, “I’ve had a hard day, i’m going to have a drink or smoke a bowl”. But where is the line drawn? What constitutes a hard day? When you turn to substances to calm you down after an emotionally taxing day, you’re more likely to turn to that substance more often which leads to dependency and addiction. One addiction will lead to another when the current substance just doesn’t do the trick anymore.

When you’re tired and emotional and need to escape the pressures of life, try turning to something a little less expensive or possibly destructive. Take a bath. Talk it out. Meditate on all that is good.

Have Accountability

In the end, accountability might be the only thing that stops you from running back to an addictive substance or behavior in life. You are an independent soul, but you’re meant to be loved and in relationship with others around you who keep you accountable and build you up, not tear you down. If you’re having a hard time, or just a good time filled with alcohol and trips down all sorts of different drug induced lanes, have somebody in your life who is looking out for you.

They just might save your life when you’re having a little too much fun or letting things go a little too far than what is healthy.

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