Using Martial Arts For Health and Fitness

Many people operate under the assumption that the primary reasons that anyone would want to get into martial arts are in order to fight. While that may be a side effect of learning martial arts, the more practical reason behind getting trained might be for basic health and fitness. After all, how often do you have to exist in your skin as a healthy or unhealthy human, as opposed to how often do you plan on getting in street fights?

So, for those who are willing to take on martial arts training from the health and fitness perspective, consider putting up a visible reminder system, looking into mental benefits of practice, appreciating the physical fitness and confidence that comes from it, knowing the importance of having a good teacher, and even noting the social benefit that comes from classes.

The Visible Reminder System

Sometimes you need a gentle reminder about the progress that you’re making learning about martial arts. Posters on the wall are the best example of a way to make sure that you stay focused. Charts of the human body or even inspirational quotes from your favorite martial artists will do the trick quite well, and serve as a target for your attention at certain points during the day.

Mental Benefits

Studies show the mental benefits of martial arts can be amazing. The focus on the breath and the body, the suggestion of control, and the relaxation of fight-or-flight reactions will not only help a person in combat situations but also help all around. Even in things like stressful meetings at work, martial arts training can calm the mind and allow people to make better decisions because of their relaxed mental states.

Physical Fitness and Confidence

And even if you’re not learning karate or judo in order to fight off your bully of a neighbor, or the imagined version of a street thug on a bus, there are tremendous
positives regarding the physical training
involved in martial arts as well. Your body will be stronger and more flexible regardless of the style of training, so no need to stress about that decision. But yes, you need to be consistent with your efforts. Without committing to it and practicing the form regularly, you cannot accept to reap the complete benefits.

Finding a Good Teacher

You may have sourced the Best Gi and have all the motivation to start training in Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, or Karate (or any other form, for that matter), but this preparation is only complete with a good teacher. Needless to say, it is important to find the right teacher, who motivates you and brings the best out of you, no matter whether you’re going into martial arts for the health benefits or have an interest in this form.

Appreciating the Social Benefit

And if you join a dojo or other martial arts group with a friend or two, you’ll get the added social benefit of the training. And again, the health benefits of having strong social bonds will transcend any particular style of martial art that you plan on learning about and practicing.

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