Three Super Supplements for Swimmers

Swimming is one of the most physically demanding sports. Whether you are a professional swimmer or merely an enthusiast, using supplements as you take up swimming gives you an edge over your competition. For those that take up swimming as a hobby, the use of supplements will aid you in achieving whichever goals you might have while in the pool. Below is a look at three super supplements that every swimmer should use.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a super-effective pre-workout compound that has been proven to delay fatigue in athletes, allowing them to train more and for longer spells.

A research study conducted by British researchers indicated that when a group of 14 swimmers was given caffeine before a 50m swim, they posted better times. The results showed that the group that took caffeine was faster and had more stamina than the group that did not.

If you lack stamina and endurance during your swims, then this is precisely what you need.

2. Vitamins

Getting the right vitamins is very important for a swimmer. Most swimmers spend considerable spells in the water, which can have severe ramifications on their bodies if not handled well.

To remedy this and avoid the risk of illnesses that are linked to cold temperatures, it is essential to use vitamin C. These will aid in keeping you fit and healthy ready for your next spell in the pool.

There are supplements available in the market like what Throne ( offers, that contain more than one vitamin as well as other vital nutrients. Using them can allow your body to pick a little of everything all packed in one.

Just ensure that you get the recommended daily dosage for all the essential vitamins that your body needs to perform optimally in the swimming pool.

Another reason why vitamins are essential for swimmers is that they are excellent antioxidants. Vitamin C and E stand out in this aspect. This is important because they aid in reducing skeletal muscle damage as well as inflammation after intense training. While you can find vitamin C in citrus fruit, supplements, like lypo-spheric vitamin c, are a great way to make sure you get enough to keep you healthy.

Scientists have contended that continual use of vitamins by sportspeople reduces their risks of injuries during exercise. As a swimmer, you will be engaging in vigorous physical activity both in and outside the pool. Use this, and your chances of getting muscle damage will be minimized.

3. Creatine

Creatine supplies our muscles with energy that is in the form of ATP. This is what our bodies use when we are engaged in intense exercise. This means the more the creatine available in our system then, the more the energy we will have.

As we have noted earlier in this article, swimming is a sport that requires lots of energy and endurance. This is to overcome the resistance that water offers us in our quest to beat our opponents or time.

Studies conducted on creatine and swimmers have indicated that those who use the supplement perform significantly better than those that do not.


Swimming is one of the toughest sports that require lots of grit and endurance to succeed. Whether you swim for fun or are a serious competitor using these supplements will give you an edge over those you will be competing against.