Three Reasons You Need More Sleep

In today’s environment, there is more to get done, more ways to do it that are supposed to help us to get it done quicker, and still less time to sleep. We rush to meet deadlines, make sure our families are taken care of, and pay the bills.

Even entertainment takes its toll on how much down time we actually have. What suffers is our sleep. Whether we are up all night worrying about things in our lives and how they are going to get taken care of, don’t have enough time to sleep, or just stayed out too late hanging with friends, we lose all the benefits of getting enough rest. Some of us may turn to alternative medicines, such as cannabis products (which you can learn more about here), as certain strains can be helpful when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. This isn’t going to be an option for everybody, of course, so it’s important that, if you are struggling with sleep, you try and find something to help that works for you.

Below are some reasons to slow down and give more credit to shut eye.

Lower Stress

Who doesn’t need less stress in life?! For real! Studies show that a good night’s sleep will help you to look at things the way you should, weeding out the anxiety, frustration, and even depression that follows the decisions we have to make in order to accomplish the daily tasks that life hands us. This allows us to complete projects quicker, more efficiently, and more creatively. Isn’t that one of the main goals in life anyway?

A Better Sex Life

Many couples come home from work, running errands, or dealing with children and are exhausted from the effort it takes to get those events done. Sex is the last thing on their mind when they crawl into bed at night. If you’re like most people, the cool sheets and fluffy pillow and blanket seem to call to you at the end of the day.

If you are not getting the sleep you need, when your partner rolls over with that inviting touch, you’re just too tired to be interested. Sex is a necessary part of a successful marriage and boasts health benefits of its own. So, get some rest and play until your heart’s content.

Clearer Thinking

How many times have you been in a conversation, looking straight into the eyes of the person talking, and totally miss everything they just said? It happens to everyone at one time or another and this is just an example of what foggy thinking can affect. With a foggy mind, our safety is at risk when we are driving or just cutting a tomato for a sandwich at lunch.

We forget important information for work and home, we make simple mathematical mistakes, and we just can’t seem to concentrate on even the most mundane of tasks. Getting enough sleep will help clear the cobwebs and leave us with a lot more time when we realize we have less mistakes to fix.

So, look forward to your sleep more than you do know. Give it the priority it requires and it will give you benefits that make your life so much easier.

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