The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Running Shoes

Ask around for footwear advice about running and you will find a ton of information. From which Asics sneakers are the best to buy in Australia to what to wear if you are flatfooted and more, it can be difficult to decipher what is fact from what is fiction. So we decided to take a moment to compile some of the worst advice we have heard about sneakers.

Lighter is Faster

When you are looking for the best running shoes, many athletes have the logic that the best shoes are the lightest shoes. From shoes that seem barely there to those that imitate running barefoot and fit snugly around every crevice and toe of your feet, there are an incredible amount of shoes that might be light but won’t make you move faster.


Some of these shoes may be lighter, but they will force your feet to work harder. The lack of cushioning causes more high impact and possible damage. Inexperienced runners with poor technique can cause lasting damage to their feet if the shoes do not provide the right type of protection and support. While you don’t want to run around with clunkers that look like something that Frankenstein would have worn, you also want a shoe that will provide protection, cushion, and the right type of support. The only thing that will guarantee speed is good technique and practice.

Just Buy Any Shoes

You might be tempted to get those cheap sneakers from the bargain bin at the store, but the reality is that athletes, and runners in particular, need much more support and protection around their feet. The constant high impact of running puts extra strain and force on your body. You need a shoe that is well-made, that is designed for athletes.

This is also the problem with buying trendy shoes. Sure, they might have the name of a famous athlete on them or come is some wild colors, but just because a shoe looks good doesn’t mean it is good for your feet. Instead, look for a brand that has been proven to provide support for every part of your foot. Find a shoe that will last a long time and is made of quality materials. You don’t want a shoe that will crack and end up with holes after only a couple of months of running.

Run Through It

If you are wearing sneakers that are causing you serious pain and strain, don’t think that you just need to “break them in” and grin and bear the pain. Your shoes should fit you well, from toe to heel. They should be snug enough that your feet will not slip out of them but not so tight that they cause pain and blisters. The materials should be well-made and provide support. You should be able to run on any type of terrain and know that your feet are protected from the elements. If you have a shoe that is causing you pain, blisters, and injury, it’s time to toss the shoes and purchase a new pair that provides you with the right type of support.

Be sure to avoid bad advice when choosing the right sneakers for you. Always look for shoes from a trusted brand. Buy quality. Your feet deserve it.

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