The Post Bulk-Up Supplementation Discussion


It only takes one “real” story in something like the Men’s Fitness Magazine of how someone went on to do it, to spark the motivation required to get into shape by building up some muscle. Okay, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be bulking up as your specific fitness goal, but we’re going to explore packing on the muscles as our case study in the discussion of the nutritional needs you’d need to cater to once you’ve achieved your primary health and fitness goal.

How do you go about your supplementation, if any is required at all, past the point of actually having managed to pack on the pounds and build an impressive set of muscles?

Things should NOT go back to normal

The period immediately following the point at which you look in the mirror and you’re satisfied with what you see often makes for the most precarious to have to navigate as this is when you are perhaps at your likeliest to proceed to undo all the hard work you put in. One hectic week at work, school, etc, can throw you right off course and before you realise that you’ve skipped more than a few sessions at the gym it’s way too late and your well-sculpted muscles have turned into fat!

This is one of the reasons why things shouldn’t go back to normal after you’ve reached the goal. If your exercise routine goes back to how it was before you beefed up, which in many cases could mean that you don’t even workout at all, your body will return to its original state and proceed to do so by offering up more resistance to future change.

It’s all about maintenance

Granted, the road to bulking up is one which would go down as being unusual, particularly towards the regular mechanisms which form part of what makes up your body’s biology. Your body does not want you to have big, sculpted muscles, otherwise you’d have them naturally and that’s why you have to work so hard to gain that kind of muscle mass and size.

It’s all about maintenance once you’ve reached the level you want to reach, whether you were pumping iron and doing other exercises purely to build up strength or size. You need to keep working out in order to maintain a certain level of fitness you were aiming for, but by no means does this mean you’d have to keep eating like a maniac or pumping iron like you’re crazy.

A transition is required which only seeks to help you maintain your level of fitness.

Smart moves to reduce the associated costs

One of the areas in which you’d have to make an adjustment is that of your supplementation. You can’t keep eating 3000+ calories per day and supplementing that with your whey protein shake for example. Rather fill up or snack on healthier, more wholesome foods such as the different fruit-based foods contained in those fruit baskets people often give as gifts.

You can’t be spending hundreds of pounds every month on supplementation once you’ve reached your goals.

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