The Best Approach to Health & Fitness

Generally if you follow a certain health and fitness regime which is publically documented you’ll probably get some good results, but as is the case with pretty much everything else in life, if you want to get the best results then you have to take whatever is openly and freely available with a pinch of salt. Information is not as free as it’s made out to be, including information which has become commonplace somewhat, like the fact that if you want to bulk up and gain a bit of muscle you’ll have to engage in some resistance training.

In one way or the other I’m also getting paid for sharing all the knowledge I publish here on this blog, so that is an example of how one can still find value in information which is publically available.

So anyway, in order to turn what would be a set of good results into a set of great results you would have to tailor the commonly available knowledge, especially with regards to your health and fitness. So what this means is that the best approach to health and fitness is one which is tailored to your unique set of circumstances.

To expand on the example of harbouring a fitness goal to pack on the muscle mass – you would have to ask yourself questions like why you want to bulk up. Is it so that you can look better physically and perhaps bear testimony to the age-old belief that if you look good it’s a representation of how you feel? Are you contemplating entering into some contact sport on a level which would require you to be a bit more competitive physically?

Whatever your reasons are, the bottom line is that the best approach is one which is tailored, because even if you perhaps want to emulate the physical appearance of a body builder you admire, the way in which each of your bodies reacts to stimuli and the way in which each of your bodies is built is definitely not the same.

A professional or aspiring model for example might want to get over their leg vein ablation side effects a lot quicker than a professional footballer who perhaps had the same procedure done, but they want to make sure they heal completely before putting their legs through their paces once again, out on the field. To look at it from a different point of view – the appearance of different bodybuilders competing in the same classification is different because of the fact that each person’s body is in actual fact unique, as subtle as those unique differences may sometimes be.

So you might have to invest a bit of money in things like genetic testing so that you can find out exactly what nutritional plan would be best for you along with the best exercise plan which is best for your body, in line with your health and fitness goals of course.

Simply put, you can’t prescribe an egg-rich diet to an aspiring bodybuilder who has an egg allergy, for example. He’ll have to find a way to get all that protein in another way.