Replace Your Idulgences With Healthier Options

In an ideal world we would all achieve the optimum in fitness by always eating the right food, drinking the right drink, following the right exercise routines and living by the book. In our own, less than ideal world that seldom happens. Not many of us are possessed of the fanaticism and single-mindedness required to always do the thing that will serve our body best. We have lives to lead, distractions, necessary inconveniences (like work) which keep us away from the health food shop or even the supermarket when really we ought to be restocking our shelves with the requisite protein products and energy drinks. Or, sometimes, we just have to have that ice cream.

The bottom line is this – fitness training is all about improvement. Our bodies don’t expect to be replenished with the perfect macronutrients each and every time we consume something. The key is to get better – fitter, stronger, healthier – by increments. If our diet and exercise program enables us to steadily progress towards our goal then it shouldn’t be tampered with.

Meeting Weaknesses Half-Way

Much the same goes for those other bad habits which work to the detriment of a person’s health. For those who enjoy a smoke, how about investing in a vape pen like these at According to the World Health Organization, and they should know, vaping reduces the harmful effects of smoking by around 95%.

Vaping might also be a better option because of other reasons. For one, you could make it a more economical purchase by buying a refillable or rechargeable one. These tend to last fairly long, making it a more cost-effective alternative to repeatedly buying cigarettes.

Furthermore, you can explore the benefits of cannabis through vapes as there are options that accommodate the use of CBD and THC extracts. Some can even be used several times because you can restock CBD and thc oil for vape refill canada, or elsewhere. Options like these make for quick relief when you’re stressed, reducing the need to smoke cigarettes for a break.

It’s all about doing everything in proportion, being sensible, being human. There really is no need to drive yourself crazy. Just stay on top of the situation, meet your weaknesses half-way, keep on improving at the pace which suits you best and enjoy. Life is for living.

Horses for Courses

Of course some people are fanatics, and some people will always go out of their way to achieve perfection in the shortest possible time and in the most perfect way. Let us not be too hard on them, let’s face it we would all like to be that person if we could. Horses for courses. For the human majority though, we know we will sometimes have weaknesses which need to be pandered to. Again, it is what you achieve on balance, over your target period, which really matters.

To put it another way, what to do when invited to that party that sounds like a whole lot of fun? Sit in the corner and drink sparkling water whilst masticating conspicuously upon low-calorie nibbles that you’ve brought along in your bag so as not to appear unsociable when everyone else is tucking in to the pizza slices? Come on, get a life!

With a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of discipline your program need not be brought crashing off the rails by a few hours of enjoyment. How about drinking shorts in single measures with diet soda rather than your usual crate of beer? Or seeking out the least aggressively fattening amongst the various delicacies on offer. It’s unlikely that pizza slices will be all your host will have laid on.

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