Reasons Connecting With Nature Brings Healing

There are very few people who would claim that spending time out in the elements doesn’t bring them some sort of satisfaction. It just looks different for everybody. One individual might find that their heart beats a little stronger and their head feels a little clearer when they’re sitting on a beach gazing out into the open blue unknown.

Others find their catharsis in the mountains picking wild berries and hiking steep ridges. Still, others might enjoy looking at the vast landscape of a desert. No matter the scenery, everyone can agree that there is something magical about being out amongst nature. Why is that? There are actually several reasons, so let’s focus on a few:

The Ground Has Physical Minerals the Body Needs

While nature can be linked to things of the spirit and people for centuries have likened forces of nature to gods, the earth is actually filled with minerals that the human body needs. Have you ever been out in the garden and even though your hands are covered with dirt and you’re red from the heat of the sun, your body feels rejuvenated from the inside out?

The reason is simple. Everything in the universe is made from elements. The rocks are made of the same calcium you’re made from. When you’re depleted of minerals, you get them from the plants that you eat. Even when you’ve not gotten enough minerals, your body takes them in from the environment around you. When you spend time amongst the trees, the soil, the rocks, and the water, you’re getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function.

The Movement Helps You Learn and Process

The way that people learn has always been the same, but the school system has made it into something it shouldn’t be. People were never designed to sit in uncomfortable desks for 8 hours at a time, listening to dull information being lectured so that people can pass tests.

If a person is going through a tough time in their life, they just might need to get out and move in nature to process and learn what they need to learn from the situation. Not only does the movement bring new life and energy to the body and brain, the sounds, smells, and sights of nature are a wonder for a person who is sick, tired, depressed, or overcoming any other hurdle in life. Perhaps this is the reason why there are so many people around the world that have started practising Shamanism (you can take an online course on the same by contacting LightSong or similar companies). Shamanic healing can allow a person to connect with nature and let go of their emotional and mental baggage, and in return, align their energy fields and fill their body with positive vibrations that can help resolve deep-rooted issues.

Nature is the true balm of life. If being in nature can’t solve your problems, than something found in nature most definitely can. If you’re searching for healing, start with that which is right outside your door. You’ll not only be healthier for it, you also be happier because of it.

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