Pushing Your Body’s Limits: 7 Ways to Boost Your Endurance and Stamina

Whether you’re a serious athlete or you just want to get more out of life, you could benefit from being able to do more and go farther. Here are 7 ways to increase your stamina and endurance.

  1. Fast-paced lifting

Sometimes endurance training that is done for long duration at low intensity can reduce your metabolism because it can actually reduce your muscle mass. Lifting weights at a rapid pace is a very intense exercise that will push your endurance to the limit in a relatively short amount of time. This is also one of the best exercises to boost your metabolism.

  1. Don’t limit training to cardio only

You won’t reach your potential by training only with cardio. You need to mix in some strength training as well. Instead of reserving particular days for strength training, add them into your daily routine. For example, you could do some free-weight exercises, then follow that with a one-mile sprint or an intense session of jumping rope.

  1. Switch up your workouts

Your body is able to adapt to doing the same types of motions that are repeated on a daily basis. It will learn how to execute the same moves while using less effort. This is counter-productive to endurance training where you want to expend the most effort possible. Therefore, it’s important to always switch between different types of exercises and keep looking for variations that accomplish the same goal in a different way. For example, if you do sprinting up stairs one day, switch to kickboxing another day.

  1. Try a ketogenic approach

Many people improve their energy level when they switch to a ketogenic lifestyle. This is a low-carbohydrate diet that forces your body to burn body fat. When the body burns its own fat stores, the fat cells release energy compounds called “ketones” that are used for fuel instead of glucose. Start your keto challenge by taking advantage of this metabolic process.

  1. Explosive movements

An explosive movement is an action that propels a part of your body or your whole body at top speed as if it was shot out of a canon. This type of motion is one of the most challenging and strenuous, so it will train both strength and endurance effectively when repeated to exhaustion. Some examples are standing jumps onto a high surface or pushups with a clap in-between each rep.

  1. Compound movements are better

Some bodybuilding exercises isolate specific muscles and joints to work one area for maximum gain, but this is not the best approach for improving stamina and endurance. When you combine several parts of the body in one exercise, it requires a greater overall effort.

  1. Try hybrid exercises

Hybrid exercises combine two or more exercises into one. For example, a squat thrust is a squat followed by shooting your legs back into a push-up position. These hybrid exercises will get your heart rate up to the maximum in a short time, especially if they’re repeated at top speed for numerous reps.

Adding variety and effective methods to your endurance training should be an essential part of your exercise routine, especially when you plan to participate in Red Bull X Alps and other similar competitions. Participation in marathons, triathlons, downhill races, and others would require you to be your fittest self because you will have to push beyond your previous boundaries of performance. But reaching that stage would need you to dedicate a good amount of time for recovery. Besides eating well and ingesting the necessary nutrients, you should do variations of stretches and massages with the right equipment to ease muscle tension and pain. That could facilitate quicker regeneration and help retain the effects of the exercises.

Besides simply extending physical output, you could reap many benefits from building good endurance. You will get sick less frequently, find it a little easier to adapt to different weather conditions, facilitate better blood circulation, and be a stronger individual overall.