Promising Youth Cyclists to Lookout For

It’s a rather unfortunate turn of events for some unlucky people to suffer the type of ill-health or injury which prevents them from exercising and enjoying the benefits thereof, but one way through which such people could still manage to get some good exercise is cycling. It’s all about choosing the right cycling equipment, as expertly recommended by family-run cycling equipment specialists Leisure Lakes Bikes, who zoned-in on some promising youth cyclists as part of their drive to promote healthy living and exercise through cycling.

It’s always good to start them young, but the featured youths they shone their spotlight on are a bit more serious about their cycling interests, taking part in competitions and events which suggest that they plan to perhaps even one day represent the UK in cycling events at the highest level. The future does indeed look promising however based on how these young cyclists are developing so far.

Under 14 girls to lookout for:

Belonging to the VC Londres year-end cycling club as well as Backstedt Cycling (current club), Becky Surridge perhaps shows the most early-development talent as a cyclist in the under 14 age group, having placed first in five events and second in two more. Other girls to lookout for in this age class include Emma Finucane (Towy Riders), Maisy Vasic (Sportcity Velo), Eve Barrow (Salt Ayre Cog Set) and Danielle Parker (Cycle Specific).

Under 14 boys to lookout for:

Hailing from cycling clubs Welwyn Wheelers CC, Mossley CRT, Mossley CRT again and Lichfield City CC respectively, the under 14 boys whose cycling potential caught the eye include Oliver Stockwell, Robert Donaldson, Junior Jackson and Emile Alexander. Lots of consistency was identified in each of their individual performances to go with all the accolades they’ve managed to collect.

Under 16 girls to lookout for:

Pfeiffer Georgi perhaps leads the way as the most decorated under 16 girl cyclist at a very crucial stage in the development of a competitive cyclist. Alana Prior, Ellie Russell, Elynor Backstedt and Anna Docherty make up the list of under 16 girls to lookout for.

Under 16 boys to lookout for:

Taking pole position in three of the events he participated in, Mathew Shaw is joined by William Draper, Ethan Vernon, Jim Brown and Jack Ford to complete the list of the most promising under-16 boys who are all set to light up the competitive cycling scene over the next coming years.

A good few years of hard work and dedication lie in wait for these up-and-comers who clearly show some early talent, but it is only through the continued support of their families and the community at large that they can perhaps eventually develop into the type of finished, refined cyclists who can go on to represent the nation and continue the tradition of producing British excellence. Leisure Lakes is a proud supporter of an industry in which they are key players and at times the cyclist’s performance is as good as the equipment they have at their disposal.

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