Prom Survival Guide: Prom Dresses 2019 Trends

Prom is a celebration worth waiting for. Students all their schooling look forward to it. In the need to make everything perfect, sometimes the ruckus can ruin things too. This ruckus can mess things up and your perfectly planned prom can go into shambles. For such emergencies, you can’t possibly be prepared beforehand. Thus to help you in such times of need we have compiled a list of needful last-minute prom survival tips & tricks.

Last Minute Prom Dresses Tips & Tricks

If you’re having trouble deciding between Prom Dresses, makeup looks, or everything at once, last-minute recommendations could help. Read along to find out these tips and tricks.

1. Don’t Experiment:

If it has come down to the last details and you’re still struggling, and if at this time you think being too experimental can mess things up, then don’t experiment.

Trying to make a statement always takes a lot of guts and experimental fashion fails. However, your prom is far too special for you to be upset because of a mishap. So at this point, drop all experimental ideas that may seem dysfunctional. Instead, adopt a classic style that is simple and brings out your true personality.

Being experimental instead is always the best option. Sometimes simplicity speaks louder.

2. Red Lips:

The idea of having the perfect makeup look can be intimidating. Achieving that perfection requires months of planning and finding inspirational photos. And a lack of practice can cause serious mayhem. If you mess up the makeup look on your prom night, your mood might get completely ruined. And this is only justifiable given the dedication and planning you undertook.

However, fret not! One thing always saves the day and this one thing is wearing a bold lip. With a bold red lip, you don’t need any artsy makeup skills. Everything ties beautifully with a red lip. We’re sure the prom dresses you girls will choose will get flaunted beautifully.

3. Rental Dresses:

Dresses are aplenty and while this array of dresses make up for a huge selection, the overwhelming feeling can takeover. To overcome this daunting feeling and also go easy on your pocket, you can choose a good rental company. There are many rental companies renting magnificent prom dresses. With this, you don’t have to go through the all whole procedure of finding the perfect dress, a dress which also gives value for money.

5. Borrow It:

Along with renting, another great alternative to buying is borrowing it from someone. She may be your neighbor, a cousin of yours or maybe your mother. You can personalize this dress and make it as special by adding your own take of makeup and hairdo. Borrowing requires no cost whatsoever and lets you have more funds to invest a gorgeous pair of shoes. You can even get your makeup done professionally with this money.


The era of prom dresses 2019 is going to be greater than ever. You will be able to have a bigger selection of dresses to choose from. However, don’t let the dresses overwhelm you and try to enjoy the entire process. We hope these tips were useful for you.