MMA-king the perfect fitness routine

People around the world are drawn to mixed martial arts. Parents want their kids to stay active. Matches are awesome to watch. You learn self-defence. It’s exciting. It combines the best of all the martial arts for maximum ass-whooping action. And, of course, it helps get you in great shape.

The intense and disciplined global workout that MMA is unbeatable exercise, and anyone who’s spent time practicing it will feel lean, flexible, confident and strong. Also, MMA has great staying power. Many people will resolve to join a gym at some point in their life, especially around New Year when fresh resolutions drive people to be healthier and work harder – for about a week. While lifting weights and running on a treadmill is great exercise, it’s boring. Plain and simple. Your little devil telling you to give up knows it too.

You keep telling yourself you signed up and paid the year subscription for a reason, but the fact remains that if the challenges you’ve set out for yourself don’t excite, that running machine will be left untrodden.

MMA teaches people how to defend themselves, sets people up for ab-building success and works every muscle in the body. Here are just some of the fitness benefits you can expect from an MMA training.

A happy heart is an MMA heart

Nothing works the heart like the heart-pounding action of MMA fights. MMA fighters incorporate daily workouts that get the heart working hard. Sprints, full-body weighted resistance exercises like Push-Outs and Shoulder Circles give the heart a more intense workout than most aerobics classes. To learn more about how MMA fighters strive to keep themselves fit and healthy, you can check out blogs like Attack The Back (or similar ones).

Body Builder Abs

MMA exercises must work the upper body to be effective. Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Push-Ups, and Bench Dips are all effective at building arm, back and chest muscle.

From the bottom up

Sprinting along with Fast High Knee exercises work the legs. Mountain Climber and Split Lunges are responsible for giving the muscles the right amount of flex.

MMA is about incorporating the whole body to act as a singular and effective fighting machine. The best exercise routine will get your heart pounding, the sweat pouring, your legs ready for maneuvering and your upper body punch resistant.

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