Major Health Issues With Major Solutions

Health can be observed on a few different scales. On one hand, you can look at a person individually and decide how healthy they are. And on another hand, you can look across an entire nation or continent and look at health statistics as an average. But in either case, there’s a tipping point where health issues turn into major health issues, and that’s when people have to start pushing back.

Five of these issues specifically affecting the world right now include things like addiction, heart disease, mental illness, genetic diseases, and where women’s health fits into the picture. And all of them require major solutions in order to fix them on an individual level, or on a larger social level.


Addiction affects billions of people, one way or another. Hundreds of millions can claim addiction personally, and every person they know can be affected by their behaviors as well. That’s why the big solution to helping bring balance to that aspect of the human condition is understanding what causes a relapse. After people are functionally cured, what triggers them to go back to their old, self-destructive habits?

Heart Disease

In industrialized countries, heart disease is a massive killer. Inside families, heart disease is the root cause of a tremendous amount of emotional pain and physical distress. That’s why it’s so crazy to note that a lot of heart disease is completely preventable. With a mildly healthy diet and a mildly active lifestyle, any person can keep 90% of the stressful effects of heart disease away from them. It’s just amazing that people don’t want to make that initial effort to try to ensure a longer, healthier lifestyle for themselves.

Mental Illness

Another major killer of people around society is the fact that so many mental illnesses are misdiagnosed, mistreated, or ignored. This leads to a lot of activity that ends up being criminal in nature, and the mentally ill end up going to prison instead of getting the help that they need to be productive members of society.

Genetic Diseases

Though humankind is still early in their understanding of how genetic diseases work, at the very least, we know it’s a major problem. And the major solution in this case is unlocking the genetic code. After that, we can begin to do things like more thoroughly test people’s genetic structures to prevent and, with the help of the work done in places like pharmacogenetic testing labs, treat the worst of the disease that affects mind and body.

Women’s Health

It seems incredibly backward, the number of women’s health issues that are so prevalent around the world, largely because of institutionalized bias against females that is dragging us backward instead of improving the overall health of nations. Information about pregnancy, in particular, has to be improved so that better choices can be made to avoid so many of the dangers and risks attributed to childbirth.

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