Keeping Healthcare Professionals Fit

No matter the season or the weather, maintaining our health is an on-going job. This is just as true for healthcare professionals as it is for the rest of the population. In fact, you might say that it is a big part of the healthcare professional’s job to stay healthy because they interact with sick patients all day long. If they aren’t in the best mindset when it comes to their mental health, or in the best shape concerning their physical health, like Dr. Dan Mintz is (, then they won’t be able to treat their patients to the quality that they deserve to be treated at.

And when anyone is exposed to potentials for illness as much as doctors, nurses and others in this profession, extra care needs to be taken to keep fit and healthy.

The Basic – Hand Washing


These days we know that washing hands regularly is important to maintain health. In certain times of the year, such as in the fall and winter with the arrival of the flu season, this basic step to maintaining your health is more important than ever. Using hand sanitisers can dry out hands but so can washing them dozens of times a day. None the less, for anyone in the health profession, the first line of defence is to be vigilant about washing your hands between every patient.

The Importance of Exercise

Many healthcare professionals are on their feet all day long. They walk miles along hospital corridors and can sometimes be low on their sleep. While they can’t control everything around them to keep themselves healthy and fit, they can make sure that they get good exercise each day. Just 15 minutes of brisk walking, the kind that elevates your heartrate, can help. In addition, doctors and nurses will tell you that using the stairs instead of the elevators is a little trick many use while working in large multi-level hospitals. Just as with everyone else, getting a minimum of a half hour of steady walking each day will result in muscles and joints feeling ready to face the day.

Getting Eight Hours


As anyone knows who has worked in the medical field, getting good sleep and eating right are two things that can be tough to do every day. Doctors, especially at the beginning of their careers, are notorious for getting little sleep and then taking quick “cat naps” on the run during the day. But our bodies need to recharge by getting a full 8 hours each night, and being sure that this includes the REM sleep where dreams occur. Getting to bed each night to ensure that full 8 hours is vital for challenging professions such as those in the medical field.

A Healthy Diet to Fight Illness

In addition, eating right is a constant struggle. Bringing your own lunch to work that includes healthy fruits and vegetables is one way to ensure you are not tempted by salty and sugary fast foods. If you think you might not have time in the morning for both eating breakfast and packing a lunch, then pack it the night before. Skipping breakfast and then making up for it with a quick pastry and coffee is not the right way to start your day. A breakfast that includes protein as well as fruit and grains will give any healthcare professional the right tools to think clearly and have the energy to take them through a challenging day.

Dressing for Health


Scrubs are such a part of life for any healthcare professional that at times they can forget how important they are for their own health. While it is true that the colour of the scrub can help patients to identify which department the person works in, they also play an important role in the individual medical professional’s health and well-being. Especially when performing medical examinations or handling risky chemicals, it becomes vital that healthcare workers make use of medical grade, standard gloves like those manufactured by unigloves and other similar companies, along with the use of scrubs. Ensuring that professionals are dressed to ensure their protection becomes as vital as equipping them with the right tools for work. Because scrubs and gloves can be cleaned with stronger chemicals than ordinary clothing, they are cleaner than street clothes. In addition, many healthcare uniforms are in friendly bright colours that help the patients feel more cheerful. The kind of colourful fun scrubs you see from such suppliers as color4care are great mood lifters in special wards such as those with small children.

Getting Started on a Fit Day

Who doesn’t feel better and have more energy when putting on a bright set of scrubs, especially when you know they will contribute to keeping everyone clean and fit! In the professions that heal, healing yourself with the right diet, good sleep and a bright outlook can make the difference.

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