Is Your Debt Affecting Your Health?

If you are in debt you could be suffering from stress, among other things. Money issues can cause problems in your relationships, it can drain your bank account and your savings accounts, it can affect your ability to buy groceries or go to the doctor. All of these things weigh on your shoulders and drag you down.

The first step to dealing with the mental and physical effects that being in debt can put on you is to work on getting out of debt. While that’s often easier said than done, there are credit repair companies out there that can help you find debt relief.


Stress affects your heart health and your mind. It puts a big strain on your heart, in fact, and can lead to serious illnesses, like heart disease and high blood pressure. The longer you let stress control your life the worse it will get.

If you are suffering from chronic stress, it might be related to the money issues that you are facing. Due to this, it may be hard to go to the doctor or therapy, especially if there is going to be any large amount of out-of-pocket payment that will just add to your money issues. One alternative that many might turn to in this case is cannabis, a substance that can help you reduce your stress levels and get out of the daily loop of ever-lasting stress. By indulging a little bit, you might find that having a clear head that is void of negative emotions can play a pivotal role in making lasting life changes. Start by figuring out how to make some changes in your income.


When you have less money coming in than you have going out it can quickly lead to some pretty bad bouts of depression. In fact, depression over financial worries can even lead to suicide or suicide attempts. That’s why it is so important to get help.

Start by understanding that you aren’t the only person going through this. Much of the nation is in debt (including the nation itself). Don’t make yourself unable to buy food or an occasional luxury by using every penny you make on debt, space your payments out.


The phone rings; Is it a debt collector? Someone knocks on the door; Are they here to serve you papers? If you are suffering from some major debt and money issues it can lead to an extreme case of paranoia.

Try to remember no one is really out to get you, and even though the collectors on the phone seem like they’re rude, they’re just trying to do their jobs. You can ease some of that worry by blocking their numbers.


You might also find that you’re anxious when it’s time to grab the mail, maybe you even have a panic attack wondering what bills will be in there today. Panic attacks are normal for people suffering from extreme anxiety, and everyone gets bills delivered on a regular basis.

Learn to do some relaxation breathing exercises that might help you avoid that accelerated heart rate when you check the mail, or when you open the checkbook, or when you have to answer a strange number on the phone. If you start paying now and get some help, debt freedom is just around the corner.

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