Is your child too fat?

Back in the day, people thought that fat children looked cute. This is a carryover from when enough food was not always available, and children actually went out to play and did chores around the house. A fat kid meant there was plenty to eat. Nowadays, a fat kid is the start on the road to diabetes, asthma, and a lifetime of cruel nicknames and jokes. About 30% of all children in the US are not simply fat; they are obese. It is a sign of the times of heavily processed junk food and no exercise. Children spend most of their time in front of the television set or computers, and the thought of physical exercise, let alone Pilates, is an alien one. Your role as a responsible parent to prevent your child from getting obese, not try to fix it when it happens. Here are ways to find out if your kid is too fat.

Look harder

Chances are, your child is already obese, but you just don’t see it, like almost half of the parents of obese children. If you come from a family of large people, your child may yet grow into the weight. However, if your child complains of knee or hip pain, then it is a sign that the weight is too much for the child’s frame.

Listen closely

If your child snores, there is a good chance that obesity is looming in the future. Sleep apnea is a sign of obesity in children, as well as acne breakouts, asthma, and headaches.

Ask the doctor

Children are growing, so it may not always be obvious if your child is putting on too much weight. You can take your child to a honolulu pediatrics center (or wherever you live), where they can be treated by a reputed doctor. Taking the child’s age, height, and genetics into account before looking at growth charts is a sign that the pediatrician is attentive to your child. The doctor may also measure the body mass index to check if your child has too much fat. Some medical conditions may put your child at higher risk for obesity, such as a thyroid problem. Even if your child does not seem overweight, a family history of diabetes, for example, may require you to put a stricter watch on what and much your child eats.

How your child moves is as important as what he or she eats. If you want to save your child from the many problems of obesity, make sure that your kid exercises regularly and consumes a healthy diet.

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