How Should Women Use Kratom?

The female body is quite different from the male body because of its overall structure as well as internal processes. Because of this, the use of different substances may also differ for the two genders. Kratom, for example, is a recreational drug that may have varying effects on the male and female bodies.

This article shall discuss the various benefits of Kratom for women’s health. Although at times the FDA can put the legality of kratom in trouble, more and more testimonies regarding its benefits can help change that course. So, what is the right way for a woman to use Kratom?

General Health and Recreational Use

Kratom has been known by the Southeast Asians as an herbal plant since way back. It has been used over the centuries for promoting relaxation, pain relief, and overall health and wellness. In fact, it is known as an immune system stimulant that can help the body fight against infections. Although there is no scientific proof regarding this claim, the ancient users of Kratom were very convinced about its health properties.

As a recreational drug, women can use Kratom to help them overcome stress, fatigue, and anxiety. It has a sedating effect which makes it a great solution for sleep disorders like insomnia. Women have a higher chance of developing anxiety and sleep disorders because of their hormones. Kratom Extract does not affect hormone functions, but it can ease any discomfort associated with hormonal fluctuation.

Pain Relief

Due to the sedating effect of Kratom, it is popularly used as a pain reliever. To achieve this effect, the dosage must be increased so that it can work as a depressant. Kratom is ideal for chronic pain, especially in women who suffer from conditions like fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and arthritis. The long-term use of Kratom may result to tolerance which requires higher dosages in order to have the same effect as before. However, if taken properly and within the right time cycle, this can be avoided.

Drug Abuse

For women who are suffering from opium addiction, particularly on prescription drugs like Vicodin, Kratom can be used as a treatment solution for them to overcome addiction. This is because Kratom has similar properties as opioids, but the risk of developing addiction is lower for this plant.

In order to help women with opioid addiction, Kratom can be used as a substitute which is gradually lowered in dosage until the body no longer has a dependence on the substance. Although it is possible to develop Kratom dependence, it can easily be weaned off because it does not have withdrawal effects as strong as those in actual opioids.

Other Possible Uses

Kratom can be used as a substitute for caffeine, although it may have a different stimulating effect on the body. Women who have libido problems may also enjoy Kratom to enhance their sexual drive, as is seen in men. The stimulating effect of Kratom also affects the reproductive system, promoting blood flow to the genitals.

If you are a woman trying to find something to spice up your recreational time or sex life, Kratom is a great option that’s completely safe and natural. Just make sure you ask your doctor first, especially if you have any existing medical condition.

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