How glasses wearers can take part in adrenaline sports

Wearing glasses everyday becomes something that you get used to. However, they can be a pain if you enjoy taking part in sports, as they may get in the way and hold you back from being as energetic as you might like to be.

Fitness fanatics do not need to be worried, however, because there are plenty of solutions to solve the problem of glasses getting in the way when playing sports. Many sports such as golf, squash and tennis can be played with glasses on and, in fact, can improve your game even if you do not notice a great difference without glasses on. If you would rather not wear glasses, or play a sport where it’s not possible to do so, such as rugby, then there is the option of contact lenses.


Contact lenses are easy to use and simple to get. You can simply speak to your optician and they will provide the best lenses for you. You can choose between daily lenses and monthly lenses depending on how often you will be wearing them. After a few practices, putting the lenses in will become second nature. Alternatively, some people could even consider getting implantable contact lenses from somewhere like SharpeVision ( That would prevent people from having to change lenses regularly.

When participating in water sports it is impossible to wear glasses and even lenses should not be worn unless protected by goggles. If goggles are a nuisance to wear or you would much rather not have to worry about any eye correction methods while playing sports, why not consider laser surgery? Still not convinced about a Lasik surgery? Just imagine this scenario. You are kitesurfing in Portugal, and your glasses suddenly fall from your eyes. Wouldn’t that be dangerous if you are actually dependent on your glasses for clear vision? This could also lead to an accident that might prove to be fatal. You can get wounded or fractured bones or even more severe injuries. That is why undergoing Lasik surgery could be a good idea if you are into water sports.

Moreover, it’s easy to find information about Lasik surgery in Toronto, and upon researching you will likely find that it is fantastic option. The surgery only takes approximately half an hour and normal vision returns the same evening or next morning at the latest. It is a simple procedure undertaken by very skilled surgeons. It starts with numbing the eye with numbing drops. Then a flap is created in the eye for the laser reshaping of the stroma layer of the cornea. The flap is then replaced, surgery is complete, and aftercare begins.


In the months after the surgery you will have to attend follow-up checks to ensure everything is on track. Most patients regain 20/20 vision in one year. Although the thought of surgery can be daunting, it is comforting to know that the very short procedure produces such great benefits. Imagine being able to play all the sports you want without having to worry about making sure you have safe eye correction. Your confidence would improve a great deal and, in turn, you might find that you improve your game.

A high percentage of the world’s population needs eye correction. This should not hold anyone back from doing the things they love. Some of the greatest athletes need to wear glasses, which just shows that it is a problem that can be overcome. Those concerned about the cost of this treatment could be interested to look up for laser eye surgery melbourne cost, for instance, if that is where they reside.

If you wear glasses and play sports, don’t hesitate to have a chat with your optician to discuss further options about new glasses, lenses, or laser surgery!

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