Striking the balance between work and life is a delicate affair and for most people, one thrives at the cost of the other. Whatever you decide to prioritize or if you find the perfect balance, it is still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ill-health will affect both your work and life and all will suffer.

No matter how demanding your job is, you need to find time to exercise and socialize. These are important for both your mental and physical wellness. They also help keep you away from damaging habits like drinking to cope with your work-related stress and a suffering social life.

Follow these tips to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration affects your cognitive functions and your ability to concentrate and focus may be lowered. This will make your work suffer as well as your health. Proper hydration is important for the removal of waste from the body through urine and sweat and it also helps keep your skins smooth and glowing.

Check the color of your urine to know your dehydration levels. The ideal color should be clear and anything with a yellow hue is a sign of dehydration and you should increase your water intake. Carry a bottle of filtered drinking water with you to the office to remind you to hydrate. Make sure your employer provides at least one office water cooler to access fresh, filtered water.


You may be pressed for time due to work commitments and family obligations but you still need to create time to exercise.

Exercise is important in keeping your bones and muscles strong and maintaining your posture.

Exercise and most fruits are Natural Dopamine Boosters and will help you ward off with addiction. You see, dopamine is a chemical in the brain which is released whenever you engage in pleasurable activities like drinking, smoking, exercise and eating.

People with addictions are in fact addicted to the chemical, and not to the substance per se. Exercise is a healthier option to stimulate the production of chemicals as opposed to doing alcohol and drugs.

Regular exercise also helps deal with stress and giving stress as a reason for slacking off is not a plausible excuse.

Eat regular small meals

Skipping a meal will trigger the body’s response for starvation which involves slowing down your metabolism and converts the glycogen stores into fat.

To maintain a healthy body weight, you should eat regular small meals with healthy snacks like fruits in between. Instead of three meals the size of a feast, break down your eating plan into six meals a day. This will keep you feeling full and manage your cravings for junk and sugary foods.

Eat healthy

This comes down to the kinds of food you eat. Eating regular small meals wouldn’t be of any benefit to you if your diet is filled with unhealthy and processed foods.

Your body and digestive system will thank you for having a well-balanced meal consisting of fiber-rich carbs, lean protein and healthy fats usually found in fruits such as avocadoes.

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