Health & Fitness Lessons Learned from Truckers

Resolving to take better care of your health through eating better and exercising makes for just one of the few pillars which are meant to come together to construct a high-quality life, so if at times I appear to be deviating quite far from the topic and health, fitness & exercise itself, it’s for the greater good – it’s for the bigger picture of constructing a high-quality life. So this time I won’t be deviating too far from the core topic, however I feel as if looking into the lives of truckers is an exercise which has quite a lot of great lessons to teach in health & fitness!

After all, the gym environment has its place among us gym rats as well as those health & fitness buffs who prefer something like the home-gym environment or running along the open road over hitting the gym. It is in this environment when your health & fitness exploits become a social event in addition to the core practice itself and on one particular occasion I had quite a long and enlightening conversation with a trucker in the sauna, after we’d both finished our workout routines at the same time.

This particular trucker caught my attention because he is in super great shape and yet I only see him in the gym once a week, so naturally I confronted him about just what exactly his workout routine is.

He was happy to spill all the beans, telling me that actually he hits the gym about three to four times per week, but being a trucker who is naturally on the road the whole time, he negotiated a gym membership contract with the chain brand gym we both patronise, which allows him to use any branch he’s in the vicinity of. So his visit to our common branch is not the only time he hits the gym – a good lesson in how one can simply make it happen by way of their commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise, if they really wanted to.

If a trucker can hit the gym with such regularity, why can’t someone who is based in one location do the same?

Things went further than that however, because our trucker friend talked me through how expensive things like life insurance otherwise are for truckers, since their job is seen as somewhat of a high risk working environment. Our trucker friend in particular managed to bring the costs of the other forms of insurance he requires right down though, to make up for the shortfall created by the high costs in life insurance premiums. One of the insurance coverage premiums he managed to bring down was that of legal insurance, which he in fact cut out almost completely by way of disability cover, simply because he listed as his designated legal representative in the case of having to make use of the legal services of a claims legal professional.

This particular law firm offers free consultation, which means there is no need for his insurance premiums to cover legal consultation of this kind and so that portion of the disability cover (legal insurance) is not included in the premiums. That’s a great lesson in the management of one’s personal finances and I guess of one’s financial health, so to say.

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