Getting Fit After Addiction

Recovery from addiction is a long and arduous journey, and becoming clean is a great accomplishment. However, drugs and alcohol can have a heavy impact on the brain, your mental health and your physique.

To heal, you must prevent relapse and to do so, ensure you find the cause of addiction, undergo psychological help, and look after your general welfare. If needed, you could also seek rehab, probably in Innovative Health Systems or a similar center.

Along with counseling, good nutrition and keeping active are great ways for an addict to remain stable and clean. This is because exercise releases endorphins which causes a natural high and can keep you feeling positive, happy, while increasing confidence and self-esteem and giving you a routine to stick to.

However, drugs can decrease your health and cause life-long complications which could make exercise difficult. For most, this added difficulty could be hindering, stopping addicts from exercising out of embarrassment, anxiety and a lack of confidence. Therefore, we are offering you tips on how to get fit, so the thought of exercising is no longer stressful.

Go for Walks

I’m sure you’ll find your cardio and strength will be lacking. Therefore, take things slow and start by walking. Think about the area you live in, and whether there are any circuits you could take, and if not, look around your surrounding areas for trails you’ll enjoy. These walks do not have to be a solo experience. However, walking is a great way to reflect and can be therapeutic. If you do not wish to be alone, though, make sure to ask a friend to accompany you.

By gradually increasing distance or picking up pace, you will notice an increase in your cardio. Therefore, a light jog can be incorporated into your routine walks and once you feel up to it, a run instead.

Hire a Professional Trainer

Once you are ready for more strenuous workouts, enlist the help of a professional trainer who will be able to tailor a workout plan to your fitness capabilities. A customized workout plan means your specific individual needs will be addressed and they can adapt your plan whenever you’re showing signs of improvement.

Incorporate a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly, and after addiction, your body may be lacking sustenance. To get proper nutrition, the majority of your daily calories come from fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole foods, nuts and legumes. After addiction, it is important to revitalize your brain’s chemistry and your body. You should stay hydrated, reduce your caffeine intake, avoid sugary foods and choose foods in their most natural state while incorporating a lot of protein and fiber.

Most professional trainers could give you advice on what to eat and what to avoid when exercising and getting into shape. However, it could also be useful to see a professional nutritionist. Additionally, if you placed yourself into drug rehab centers which specialize in the Pouyan Method, then you may already be aware of the importance of a balanced diet.

Exercise and getting fit is a great way to stay happy and less stressed out. By releasing dopamine and endorphins, we can get a natural high. Like meditation and talk therapy, it is an immediate mood booster and eases anxiety while improving self-confidence.

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