Gamifying Fitness


It sounds like a word that was made up on a drunk night of Scrabble in a last ditch effort to come up with a win. It’s got a read underline on Microsoft Word, it sounds weird and it sounds as if someone were trying to turn a task or goal into a game- funnily enough, the last one hits the mark.

Gamification is a process of taking a task and tackling it with a gamer’s attitude, or at least taking an otherwise non-game related action and turning it into a video game. We have seen it with programming, where gamers can actually learn to code within a game, we have seen it with gambling where people can play in an online casino environment like, and in other areas as well.

The fitness gamification market actually holds huge potential because of the mobile industry. Having gadgets like the iPhone that are portable yet can have extensive apps and programs actually make it extremely possible.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies have overrun us. That is a fact. In the gaming world, there are so many titles in each and every single platform that incorporates the idea of the undead, as well as movies. It’s just such a cool and creepy concept, that at the same time, is so flexible that you can go in any direction with the theme.


I cannot stress enough how much of a motivation it is to run like your life depends on it, if you are hearing the rumbling and moaning of zombies through your earphones, as if they were closing in on you every time you slowed down. When you think about it conceptually, you are actually running for your life.

Aside from the already very motivating zombies, the app also has pick up, delivery and scouting missions and much more going for it. As the icing on top of the bloody cake, it’s even backed up with a fully voiced and well thought-out story.

For fans of zombies, you couldn’t help but just feel all giddy at the idea of you playing a role as a survivor of the last remaining human colonies in a zombie apocalypse. Every single zombie fan has pictured themselves in that position, and probably 99.9% already have planned how they were going to survive. For those who are not really fans of the undead, it’s still a very fun and interactive app that will considerably push you to go beyond your limits just to simply try and ‘survive’.

A lot of people have such a difficult time with cardio, not just because it’s tough and it works out your heart, lungs and legs, but also because it can be boring.

Despite this, cardio is such an integral part of fitness, because not only does it burn calories real time, but it also makes your heart and lungs much stronger, as well as giving you a boost of energy for the day ahead.

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