Fitness is More Than Just a Physical Matter

I can think of countless times during which I’ve borne witness to the term “fitness” being used a little bit too loosely and downright incorrectly, such as how someone would refer to the toned thighs of some Latin American beach beauties as “fit.” Don’t get me wrong – they’re every bit as pleasant to look at, but fitness doesn’t really have anything to do with anatomy, although someone’s anatomy could very well be a very good indicator of the underlying fitness that person has.

Fitness is more than just a physical matter and it’s one which applies to just about every area of one’s life, really. For example, you’ve probably heard the phrase “not fit to hold office” in the case of some public official who isn’t quite doing their job properly, right?

Some more instances in which you might have heard the term used correctly would entail the likes of “fit to stand trial”, “fit to complete the job”, “fit to operate a vehicle”, “fit to be the legal guardian of a minor,” etc.

Consequently, fitness in the true sense of the term refers to having adequate ability and sometimes skill or knowledge to complete a certain task or carry out a certain responsibility in a satisfactory or acceptable manner. So some well-defined, toned muscles on any part of your body don’t really mean you’re “fit,” for example if you have big, sculpted calves that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll blow everybody away on the athletics track or indeed that you’ll easily complete and win an endurance marathon.

With this way of thinking, one needs to approach fitness differently, making sure to use all means necessary to work their fitness up to a level which will equip them with everything they need to handle their responsibilities satisfactorily.

You can and should invest in your fitness in every single area of your life, including your personal life, your mental state, your finances, your social life, your professional life and yes, your physical health as well.

In many instances investing in your fitness covering a specific aspect of your life this only really requires a small monetary investment but perhaps a bigger investment of your time. If you want to be fitter physically for example, you’ll need to spend a good amount of your time engaging in physical activity through exercise, so too planning your diet (and tweaking and modifying it), while some of the other aspects of that like supplementation and gym memberships are really just peripheral investments of the monetary kind.

In other aspects of investing in your fitness there is no other way than to invest money exclusively or time exclusively, but if you look long and hard enough you will find that ultimately the more time you invest the less money you’ll have to invest. Take personal injury attorneys for example – these attorneys offer a free consultation on personal injury cases, which is a service other legal firms charge for and yet investing in your financial fitness in this way will have you saving a lot of money if you just take the time to seek out such competent legal counsel which you can benefit from without having to pay an arm and a leg.

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