Finding Your Place in the Health and Fitness Niche

Whether you’re looking to break into the health and fitness niche as a blogger or indeed if you seek a deeper level of involvement through something like opening up your own gym, by now you will be well aware of the fact that it is already a well-established market with plenty of competition. In fact, many people who are on the “inside” might go as far as saying that it’s bordering on saturation, or in fact that it may even already be all the way saturated, but this should not deter you because there are still so many unexplored realms within the health and fitness niche.

Choose a speciality

Sure, “health and fitness” is the specialty, but you have to dig a little deeper than that and find a specialty within a specialty, so to say. You really ought to drill just half an inch wide and like a kilometre deep if you want to make it in this niche. In other words, your focus needs to be laser targeted, with anything spawning from that only really developing peripherally.

For example, your main focus could be on something like muscle building, in which case peripheral specialties to discuss and explore might come in the form of something like supplementation, workout attire, injury prevention and recovery, etc. Naturally you will have ample opportunity to branch out quite nicely into many peripheral specialties, but you need to have a main focus which will pretty much act as your theme.

So if you’re going to run a physical gym for example, your marketing and advertising would be focused mainly on targeting budding muscle heads who want to pack on the lean muscle mass, while all other types of gym-goers are catered to by default.

Collaborate with and serve other specific industries

If you’re in it to make money, even if it’s a so-called passion project, then you need to be careful not to have your venture into the health and fitness niche turn into a source of pain for you. In other words, you don’t want your passion to die as a result of the financial side of your endeavour not quite working out in the manner you thought and hoped it would.

This is very challenging to say the least, but by no means is it a challenge which cannot be overcome.

What you need to do is approach it from many different angles, the first of which is casting your net wide in seeking customers or monetisation mechanisms, then once you get an idea of which of these seem to be working or have potential for scalability, focus on those individually or at most a couple at a time.

To go back to the example of opening a gym, but this time taking into account a general fitness gym and not one aimed solely at body builders, you need to collaborate with other industries to get clients. Car accident lawyers for example might have a database of potential clients who are looking for some specialised car injury rehabilitation services, so that would be a great place to look.

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