Finding Distinction in the Saturated Health & Fitness Niche

There are many practical pointers I can personally share with regards to staying relevant and establishing some longevity in the health and fitness niche, particularly as a blogger and someone who is involved in the industry, beyond just blogging about it. Unfortunately though, a lot of what constitutes the cold hard truth won’t be to the liking of brand new bloggers looking to get into this niche and work towards establishing themselves instantly, simply because in order to do that they’d have to try and find distinction in what is increasingly becoming a saturated niche.

What that means is that it’s going to take a bit of time, but if that’s the only niche you can follow on account of it being the only niche you’re really knowledgeable in, then the time sacrifice is one you’d need to be willing to make.

So in sharing the one, ultimate tip to finding distinction in the increasingly saturated health and fitness niche, I will be discussing a couple of elements which come together to account for what is essentially a compound set of approaches to take. This is much easier to implement if you’re already established in the niche, but if you’re just starting out then at least you can get cracking with the right approach, from the get-go.

Focus on giving REAL value

The time for being vague about value and calling it perceived value ends right here, right now! At least that’s the case if you really want to distinguish yourself from the thousands upon thousands of health and fitness bloggers and even vloggers, some of whom might even be better writers than you, better video editors and all-round better content producers / content presenters. As a result, you might have a lot more actual value to contribute to the audience you’re both fighting for, which, as you know, requires some attention in order for it to be monetized through the likes of affiliate sales, referrals, consultations, etc.

What you need to do is focus on giving real value – the kind of value which you would honestly pay money for if it were offered to you.

Cater to each customer, subscriber, follower, etc. individually if that’s what it takes

If providing real value means catering to each and every subscriber, reader or follower you have at the individual level, so be it. That’s what it takes these days. What this means is you have to get really specific with some kind of specialist solutions provided to what can often be some very unique cases your readers would be dealing with, such as putting someone who has suffered the effects of being involved in the nuclear weapons industry in touch with United Energy Workers Healthcare, so that they can perhaps get compensated in addition to enjoying some free healthcare treatment.

It’s no longer sufficient to just ‘drill one inch wide and several miles deep.’ The game has changed, with individual-level specialisation required to win and keep the loyalty of readers who may go on to reward you by buying via the use your affiliate links and even sponsoring your platform.