Finding Authenticity in a the Saturated Health & Fitness Niche

In all honesty, if what I had going for me by way of my career in health and fitness wasn’t working out, I would perhaps take some action against my very own friend who moonlights as a personal trainer at a gym he works for, which would be all good and well, except he’s not licensed to do so. All he is the admin guy who checks in clients and ensures the premises are in order, but he often leaves the reception area to go and conduct some personal training services to unsuspecting clients who don’t even know that he’s not a qualified personal trainer.

That brings into view a very common practice in the health and fitness niche, with so many more people who are nowhere near being experts parading as such. If you’ve had some positive results at the gym for instance, it’s very easy to put up a blog and then offer health and fitness advice that people will eat up like their breakfast, even though a lot of that information you publish is probably hearsay or outright BS. So, for those of us who have earned some formal qualifications to go with our experience (like this Expert PT online fitness coach) in the very saturated health and fitness niche, there are some things you can do to set yourself apart and provide the kind of authenticity people are really looking for.

If you’re on the other side of the fence then this bit of info will come in handy for you too, i.e. if you’re looking for authentic information backed by expertise and experience in the health and fitness niche.

Premium content may come at a price

Information to be obtained online appears to be free, but as with everything else in life, if it’s so abundantly available it’s merely an indication of its low quality. So you might need to pay a bit for that information which will really help you out on your health and fitness quest, such as buying an e-book or training program from someone who has clearly managed to get the results you’re looking for. The same works the other way around – if you’re the one operating a health and fitness blog then some of the most valuable information is that which you know your readers couldn’t just get by sifting through the first page of Google’s search results.

Locate a specialty

There is just some knowledge and expertise which simply cannot be claimed to be possessed by just anyone, and when it comes to the health and fitness niche that should provide a clue as to the authenticity of the information shared in general. If a fitness expert specialised in offering rehabilitation training for patients who have suffered a brain injury, in conjunction with a law firm for instance, doesn’t that just scream “authenticity?” This may just be the level of specialisation you have to look for if you want to find authenticity in a very saturated niche such as that of health and fitness.

Find a specialty which simply cannot be faked.