Finding and Addressing the Source of Your Chronic Pain

We live and we learn, don’t we, such as how many people, like me, might not have known that sometimes something like the chronic pain you’re suffering just needs a slight lifestyle adjustment to be completely eliminated? I used to waste no time taking a painkiller for any slight headache or other pain, but recently learned that sometimes something as simple as a fresh lemon drink can solve the problem as a more natural remedy.

Pain management is undergoing a revolution as more people seek out nonaddictive and natural solutions for chronic pain. Full-spectrum CBD salves can be one such alternative among many that you could easily find by using “cbd salve near me” or similar research terms to help you find relief from that menacing joint pain or even anxiety.

Everybody probably knows the link between headaches and dehydration by now, but that’s worth keeping in mind as well. Otherwise there are some areas you can look in the direction of which might make for the source which needs to be addressed in order to cure your chronic pain. This way you’d be targeting the source and not just seeking symptomatic relief.


There are many things which you could be addicted to without knowing it, with the withdrawal thereof resulting in pain as a symptom. Usually this would be a headache, but something like sugar-addiction can result in muscular cramps and associated pain when suffering withdrawal.


Sometimes pain experienced for relatively long periods of time is a good sign, signalling the healing process your body is undergoing. Since it’s near impossible to attribute chronic pain to the healing process without the expertise of a medical professional, a visit to the doctor is definitely warranted.

Biological warning signs

Your body has the ability to build up resistance to stimuli such as those which warn you that you’re doing damage to your body, hence the pain, which can put you into rather dangerous territory as the subsiding pain might have you thinking that you’re not doing as much damage as you think you are. Nevertheless, sometimes the chronic pain you suffer can be addressed by discontinuing a triggering action or stimulus.

Biomechanical issues

If there ever comes a time in your life of experiencing chronic pain that the painkillers you take don’t seem to be working any more or you find that you progressively have to take stronger and stronger pain medication, the time to address what could be an underlying biomechanical issue is long overdue. Mod Pod Podiatry perhaps warrants a visit so that you can have a podiatrist officially check for any biomechanical issues that may be causing your chronic pain. You may have underlying health conditions like arthritis or perhaps a callus, and need treatments like a deep callus removal.

Ultimately, biomechanical issues as a source of pain will need to be addressed at the source, otherwise all the painkillers in the world will eventually become useless as s result of your body building up resistance.

Deeper, underlying medical issues

The mentioned podiatrist as a medical professional to visit in an attempt to find the source of a specific pain has us in some specialist territory, as these doctors of podiatric medicine are trained to detect and treat the cause of pain or discomfort in feet and ankles. However, there are naturally many other specialist medical professionals who deal with their appropriate specialties. Often chronic pain is an indication of a deeper, underlying medical issue which needs to be addressed, which is why your GP may refer you to a specialist when they suspect a specific medical cause for your pain they cannot confirm on the spot.