Exercise & Fitness – What’s the Point?

Inspiration and motivation are two drivers of success which come from an array of different sources, some of which are the unlikeliest of sources in existence. What matters though is that if you ever want to succeed at something, you alone have to find the inspiration and motivation which works for you. This applies to exercise and fitness as well, so too the general health and wellness industry.

The late-teens guy who grew up scrawny and was picked on a bit might want to get his redemption by beefing up through lifting weights for example, while the chubby girl who doesn’t realise just how beautiful she really is may want to shed what she sees as flab so that she can enter a beauty contest or take a shot at a professional modelling career. In both these instances, one could perhaps claim the driving force for the success of each of these people being attributed to motivation more than inspiration.

It is however those who are inspired instead of being motivated who tend to realise greater success for much longer and this transcends the exercise and fitness discussion. In relation to exercise and fitness however, someone’s commitment to a better existence – through exercising and eating healthy which is inspired by something like wanting to bask in the joys of feeling good all the time with lots of energy and not getting sick often – is that of someone who is inspired as opposed to being motivated.

Which one are you? Are you the occasional gym-goer who is motivated or the dedicated healthy eating and exercise buff who is inspired?

While there’s nothing wrong with your healthier-living commitment being driven by motivation, you should perhaps rather seek to find some inspiration if you want longevity and if you want to reach a stage in your life during which you are satisfied with the outcome of your efforts.

So the point of investing some of your time, money and effort into living a healthier life through exercise and fitness is so that you can enjoy a healthy body for as long as you can. Trust me, there are perhaps not many joys greater than that of being able to solicit the services of a personal injury lawyer knowing that all will be good with you again since your body recovers quickly after any illness or injury, as this is just one less thing to worry about in the event of something like an accident for which you’d be eligible for compensation.

Life happens when you’re out and about and when you’re engaged, but that should not stop you from engaging yourself and taking your body through its paces to see just where your limitations lie.

So if you ever find yourself staring back at your reflection in the mirror at the gym and the lingering question of just exactly what the point is doesn’t seem to have an answer, you need to look at your exercise and fitness regime with a fresh perspective and seek to find a deeper reason for your desire to continue with that commitment.

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