Does This Sneaker Fit Me?

Even if you are the biggest dapper out there or love your high heels to death, there comes a time when you just want to take a casual walk, run a few kilometers or play a basketball game with your friends. Slipping into a pair of comfy sneakers seems like an obvious solution, but beware – As much as good choice can do wonders for your feet, opting for a wrong pair can cost you a lot of pain, and even cause injuries. Let us try to find out how you can avoid the latter outcome.


Running can put a lot of stress on your feet and ankles. The common sense would suggest that, in that case, you would want to cushion your feet as much as possible. So, if you are just starting to run, it would be a good idea to begin with a lot of protection. Athletic sneakers with the ability to absorb the impact should be your go-to option.


Aerobic sneakers should be very similar to the ones you would use for running, but besides the cushioning effect, your new pair of shoes should also provide you with a great balance. A firm heel counter and sufficiently wide heel need to provide great support for your ankles, while the laterally positioned straps and staggered lacing should further aid forefoot stability.


Bodybuilding as a sport is quite strenuous on your whole body, but your feet tend to suffer the most des to the great weight being placed on them. For this type of activity, it is imperative that you get a pair of bodybuilding shoes that will help your body withstand the pressure. The need to be comfortable, provide great support for your ankles and be firm. Some bodybuilders opt for Convers All-star sneakers, but that type of material and lack of foot cushions isn’t enough to keep your joints safe during training.


Basketball, obviously, features a lot of jumping which is admittedly more stressful than regular running. So, your shoes should provide you an extra layer of protection. Also, troublesome landings can cause you some serious injuries, so you should invest more money into stability department. Because of that, the choice of your shoes for this, surprisingly hazardous sport literarily boils down to high top sneakers that extend above the ankle and feature a stiff, tick sole.

Low Impact Physical Activity

Low impact physical activities, such as walking are not putting too much pressure on your feet so this is the time when you can put the worries about injuries to rest and think about your looks. Keep in mind, though that walking shoes should be comfortable enough, or you can end up with the serious case of blisters. Low-top canvas shoes are comfortable enough for long strolls around the neighborhood, and they are the perfect fit for skinny jeans making them the ideal option for fashionable people.


Although one would assume that, due to its dangerous nature, skateboarding would require a lot of foot protection, the truth is that this sport actually demands a lot of freedom, so constraining your feet too much can do more harm than good. Slip-ons with durable canvases and sticky rubber outsoles have gained a lot of popularity in the skating community over the last couple of decades so there’s no reason why they should not satisfy your skating urges as well.

When to Buy New Pair of Sneakers

Of course, no matter how perfect your shoes may seem once you buy them, you should be aware that there will come a time when you will have to say them goodbye. If you are an active runner that time should be sometime after you get400-600 of kilometers behind you. If you are not that meticulous at measuring, you will simply know that it is the time to visit the shop if the bottom treads have completely faded out or the usual washing can’t put an end to odor.

As we can see, fitness boom of the last couple of decades has left a very prominent mark on the shoe market. Still, this maze is really not that hard to navigate through, and every athletic activity has its own pair of ideal sneakers. Follow these few tips and you won’t have any problem finding yours.

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