Dealing With Multiple Simultaneous Health Issues

It can be hard enough dealing with a single health issue. Think asthma, or an allergy, or a broken leg, or an addiction. But when dealing with multiple health issues at the same time, there’s a whole new set of variables that have to be taken into consideration. Medications or treatments for one can affect the healing process of others. I can be a really rough situation!

So, if you run into a situation where there are these multiples, consider learning about the concept of dual diagnosis, the relationship between diet and exercise, the need to use logic and baby steps, not being afraid to ask for health, and making sure you have a system in place for consistent healing.

The Concept of Dual Diagnosis

One prime example of multiple issues occurring at the same time would be simultaneous physical addiction along with a psychiatric issue. And in fact, this is a fairly common occurrence. Because mental illness often causes people to lean toward drugs and alcohol, many times that one thing will lead to the other, and then a dual diagnosis cure has to be determined and worked with.

Think Diet and Exercise

In terms of poor health, where a person is just feeling lethargic and run down, just fixing eating habits or just exercises probably isn’t going to work very well. But thinking of them both at the same time will allow for gigantic leaps forward in success. Once again, it’s about thinking of relationships between several causes and a single solution that will bring you to the conclusion of the goal that you’re aiming for.

Use Logic and Baby Steps

When multiple health issues are present, logical decisions and small baby steps are important. People have reactions to certain kinds of antibiotics, or even types of topical medicines. If allergic reactions occur to small changes, those differences can be noted and changed stepwise to prevent major problems. The more clearly reactions to single differences are noted, the sooner an overall healing method will resolve.

Ask For Help

Even dealing with things like a headache and nausea simultaneous can be dangerous if self-diagnosis is incorrect. There are a number of causes of different symptoms, and with the wrong concept of those causes, real medical danger is present. Especially with multiple issues, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Keep a System In Place

Systematically approaching multiple health issues is the only way to go, and you also have to stick to that system. All of your previous experiences with single issues may have been taken care of effectively, but because of broken patterns or different health issues, a logical path and system to discover the healing method is easily the most efficient pathway to take.


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