Creative Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy

Keeping up with the health habits of a whole family can be challenging, and sometimes you look like the “preachy” parent. Health is a lifestyle, and the best way to invest in your children is to start them early. Get them registered with a family medicine clinic so they learn to never be embarrassed about telling their doctor about a health issue, and start feeding them healthy foods as soon as they have teeth so their flavor palate will learn to crave healthy foods.

If it’s too late to “start early,” then you’ll need to find ways to make a healthy lifestyle more appealing to your family. Changing bad habits into good is always a bit more challenging, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Check out this brief look at a few creative ways to keep your family healthy, and learn to create a new environment for the family.

Invest in ergonomics

If you or your partner works from home, ergonomically supportive office equipment is worth the money spent to keep your bones in order. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t the best for your spine, and you could develop some painful issues over time.

Ergonomically supportive chairs, keyboards, and mice will help keep your body properly aligned as you work. You’ll have less pain over time, and save money on pricey treatment options.

Set a family game night

Family game night can mean anything you want it to mean. Instead of sitting down to a slew of board (bored) games, change the definition of “family game night” into something health positive.

Find Wii games that require you to get up and move. Play a good old fashioned game of catch with the kids. Kickball and baseball are also fun ways to get the whole family moving.

Substitute rice pasta

Your kids won’t suspect a thing if you substitute their regular pasta for rice pasta. Rice pasta is much easier for the body to break down, and it won’t cause sharp peaks and valleys in your blood sugar.

The texture is barely different, so your kids probably won’t even notice the switch. Rice pasta is also a gluten-free alternative.

Always put the kids upstairs

If you have the opportunity to choose, always put the kids upstairs. Make them use their young legs to climb a flight of stairs several times per day. They will get exercise without even trying.

Let the kids bike or walk to school

Again, this is an opportunistic way to encourage health and fitness in your children. If you have the opportunity, let the kids bike or walk to school each morning and afternoon.

If you don’t trust them, ride along with them. It is not likely to kill you to get your blood flowing too. Take the plunge, and bike or walk with your kids.