Could Waterlase Dentistry Transform our Oral Hygiene?

No one likes going to the dentist. It is one of those activities which, while occasionally a necessity, we would generally like to avoid for as long as possible. A big part of the reason that so many of us are apprehensive about a visit to the dentist is that we are all too familiar with uncomfortable and painful procedures. While the field of medical technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, it seems that these innovations have been slow to reach the world of dentistry.

Among the new emerging technologies which have shown purpose in transforming the way that we approach dental treatments is Waterlase technology. Waterlase, as you may have inferred from the name, is a treatment technique which makes use of both lasers and water in order to create a unique effect, the study of which is called hydrophotonics. Using Waterlase technology, it is possible for dentists to perform a variety of procedure types.


Perhaps the biggest deterrent for patients who, deep down, know that they ought to seek professional dental treatment, is the pain that accompanies many common dental procedures. Those who have had bad or painful experiences with the dentist before might be reluctant to go back and try again. However, visiting the dentist relatively regularly is important for ensuring good oral hygiene. In fact, most heart disease begins with the gums. If you have been putting off seeking professional dental help because you are afraid of pain, Waterlase could help.


We need dentists in our society, just as we need doctors. However, whereas there is a lot of impressive technology in the medical field, there haven’t been many exciting advances in dental technology that many of us can recall. Waterlase is therefore a refreshing development as it demonstrates that the field of dentistry can be just as innovative. If you would like to ultimately work with this kind of technology, why not take a look at enrolling in one of the many dental assistant schools America has to offer.

Cosmetic Procedures

Some people view cosmetic surgery as an indulgence of vanity. However, for people who feel seriously insecure about their physical appearance, cosmetic surgery can have a transformative effect on their quality of life. Cosmetic dental surgery can give those who struggle with their confidence a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence. That is why many will look to dentist Financial District San Francisco services or similar local ones, to get these types of cosmetic procedures to feel good about their smile.

This is another case where the relatively painless nature of Waterlase technology offers a significant advantage over previous methods.


By making use of lasers, dentists are able to work to an unprecedented level of precision and can achieve results that simply can’t be replicated when using traditional tools and methods.

Waterlase technology could represent a new era for the world of dentistry. Many of us have been deterred from visiting our dentists regularly because of the costs involved, both on assessments and procedures, and because the experience has historically been unpleasant. Waterlase technology might one day play a role in encouraging more of us to visit our dentist for regular checkups.

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