Casino Tricks And How To Muscle Your Way Through Them

Here’s the reality: casinos are institutions made for the purpose of acquiring money. Specifically, these institutions are geared to making money off you. Despite the many trappings of extravagance and grandeur that casinos usually maintain, the bottom line remains the same. All the glitz and glamour, all the illusion of excess and fantasy is a ploy to separate you from your hard-earned money. Now, if you would like to get a great alternative to the brick and mortar casinos you usually visit, there’s already one very much available to you. For the savvy gambler, an online casino, 100% first deposit bonus – netbet is a great option to avoid getting swindled by casino tricks. But for those of you who prefer to do your gambling in the flesh, here are some common casino tricks and the ways to muscle your way through them:

Being Served Free Alcohol

If the alcohol is not cheap, then it’s free. But in both cases, it’s watered down. Waiters usually survey the casino floor for idlers and non-players to push drinks on. The liquid courage usually leads to a few misplaced bets and more revenue for the casino. Keep a water bottle handy and on sight to deter most waiters from offering cocktails and beer. For the more persistent ones, a polite yet firm decline would be a step in the right direction. Make sure that you don’t play under undue influence of alcohol. While having a bottle or two might be a good idea, it usually leads to you imbibing more alcohol than you can handle. When it comes to mixing gambling and drinking, best to not do both at the same time.

Lack of Natural Lighting/Wall Clocks

Casino owners prefer to keep their customers on the floor for as long a time as possible. To achieve a sense of timelessness, natural lighting and wall clocks are all but eliminated from the casino interior. The constant glare of artificial lighting would fool anyone’s brain into slowing down their perception of time. Minutes can turn into hours in this kind of scenario. And the more time you spend in the casino, the more chances are that you will play more than your usual planned set of games. Invest in a timepiece that you can consult easily amidst the glare of the lights from slot machines and chandeliers. Not a fan of the classics? Smartphones are an acceptable alternative, but the hassle of pulling them out of your pocket every once in a while might get to you.

Hidden Fees

Finally, always learn the concept of ‘reading the fine print’. This does not stop at literally reading the terms and conditions of casino-related membership contracts and gaming house rules. Make yourself aware of what exactly you’re being charged for. A usual culprit that most gamblers do not normally pay attention to is the in-house ATMs. With fees ranging from $2 up to $5 per withdrawal, the casino already makes a lot of money off of gamblers who do multiple withdrawals throughout the night. Negate the chances of incurring such a negative fee by keeping cash on hand at all times and learning when to leave when you’re all out of chips. Moderation is key.

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