Brief of Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss can be a real menace for anyone and to get relief, you may resort to many measures including hair weaving or a hair transplant in Colorado (if that’s where you live). However, with time, newer and innovative techniques are being invented to help people suffering from hair loss or baldness gain confidence and sport better appearance. However, you should analyze and consider the pros and cons of such methods before opting for one.

If you are weary of trying those expensive hair re-growth tonics and oils and want a solution that can offer a realistic result, you may give Scalp Micropigmentation a try. This procedure will not lead to re-growth of new hair on your scalp. It basically involves getting your scalp tattooed with tiny sized dots that gives it stubble like appearance. It resembles a buzz cut hairstyle.

Why go for it?

There are several advantages of this procedure.

  1. There is no invasive surgery involved here.
  2. The procedure does not lead to scarring or infection as such.
  3. It is ideal for those who are totally bald.
  4. This pigment is also fade resistant which ensures the intensity of dots do not fade away over time.
  5. The entire procedures gets over by three hours or little more.

The nuances

The procedure was invented in 2002 by Ranbir Rai-Watson and Ian Watson. Commercial availability of the treatment was made in 2006. The procedure for full medical micropigmentation tends to not involve penetrating the skin deeply as is required in conventional tattooing. The color can be matched to skin and regular hair tone. Once you opt for this procedure, the practitioner will show you a feasible hairline to be developed based on face shape. Then the tiny dots will be imprinted on your head. The feeling of sting is much less than that happens with a tattoo. Sometimes, anesthetics may need to be applied to control pain though most men manage without it just fine.

Choosing a suitable clinic

As it is, you will come across a number of clinics nowadays offering this scalp treatment and costs can vary. Cost varies based on area of scalp to be covered in most cases. Anyhow choosing the right and reliable clinic is a prime need. You should opt for services of a clinic offering this service that has a successful track record and that has been in this sector for a long time. Sometimes, follow up treatment is required and the clinics should inform you regarding such aspects. When you contact a professional clinic offering Scalp Micropigmentation it will most likely offer you a consultation session. Their staffs will examine your baldness level, scalp condition and thereafter will offer you a quote for the procedure. They will also explain you nuances of the treatment. After the procedure is performed, you may be required to practice some cautions like not exposing the scalp to sun directly and similar stuffs. For added peace of mind, you can ask the agency to show images of their clients and even interact with some of them online.

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