Brain hacking: an Overview

Brain hacking is nothing but few set of techniques and tricks to improve the both mind and body functions. It is the improved version of biohacking movement. Biohacking was a social movement. Organizations or individuals involved in this biohacking movement follow or chase biology in their own way using tools which are similar to tools used in professional labs.

Actually hacking the brain means using tricks to improve the brain power. Brain hacking surely enhances productivity, mood, memory and reasoning power of the brain.

Because of the name, brain hacking may receive some negative impressions on people minds. But experts say it’s really safe. This practice aims to improve neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the reorganizations in the brain, which happens by creating new neural paths to adapt to the needs.

Brain hacking techniques can include, playing cognitive games and puzzles. Modern neuroscience has even developed very easy brain hacks. These are easier than games and puzzles and can give good results.

Using Brain Supplements

Even though supplements are not familiar to general crowd, there is a huge population which is already using these brain enhancers. They are using it just get greater results from brain.

The popular among them is the drug called piracetam. It is said to be the first drug developed in this class. It was in use in early 1960’s. This brain supplement is still in use and helps in improving attention span, memory, focus and concentration, learning capacity and thinking speed. Experts give a good opinion on piracetam. It comes with very less and mild side effects.

In today’s market we get lot of Nootropics available. Some are Aniracetam, Pramiracetam and Oxiracetam. They have their own characteristics and are very effective in their own right. People generally choose Oxiracetam for spatial memory and logical memory boosting. Aniracetam is helpful in declining anxiety and stress. Stronger version of piracetam is known as Pramiracetam.

There is a unique approach to use all these brain supplements for brain hacking. They use many supplements in combination to achieve results. This was the approach used in bodybuilding world and weight training. But nowadays, this approach is followed in brain hacking. These drugs are work as complementary compounds to increase the brain functions. So experts suggest selected nootropic stack than using one individual supplement. Following a stack can give a range of desired results.

It’s better to design a personalized unique stack for every individual by considering their own needs. This will definitely help in the improvement of brain activities. Alternatively, you can consider using supplements that combine multiple ingredients into one product. A nootropics company like Simply Nootropics, for example, lets you know what ingredients are used in the product, allowing you to pick your supplements wisely.

Another class of brain supplements which are well known is nutraceiticals. These are popular in enhancing intellect and cognition. These are usually derived from plants. Some are even from biosynthetic sources. One among this class is Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR). It works as a best anti-oxidant for brain. It can enhance cognitive ability of the brain. This supplement is really helpful for brain hacking techniques.

There is one more class of Nootropics which are known as stimulants. Usage of these should be followed by an extra care since there be a development of tolerance. So their usage is limited and can’t be prescribed as every day drugs.

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