Beef-Up in Just Six Weeks

Even if you’re the hardest of gainers, it is indeed possible to bulk up and beef up in no more than six weeks. You’ll have to be fully committed to seeing out the full six-week workout plan though as it’s very easy to be all psyched up for the first couple of weeks and then have your enthusiasm fizzle out towards the end of the six weeks. In this particular instance, you have no choice but to fully commit for six weeks, quite simply because this workout plan is essentially divided into two phases, one which entails getting big, while the other involves burning off only the fat which you built-up as part of the “getting big” phase. If you allow yourself to renege on the second bit, you risk getting stuck with some very stubborn fat that can prove to be really hard to work off, essentially requiring a matter of months of consistent hard work to try and burn off.

If you value your washboard abs and your six-pack is perhaps your ultimate claim to fame, you’ll have to be prepared to say goodbye to it for now, because you can’t have it all at this point in time. It is possible to bulk up while you maintain your ripped abs, but not if you want to do it in six weeks, as is the topic of this particular post.

Week One

The first week entails somewhat of a preparation phase, yet at the same time you’re going all-in, diving right into proceedings to stimulate the quickest way your body can build muscle. During week one, you should focus on exercises which strengthen your core, such as crunches, planks (especially planks), sit-ups, jack-knives etc, while you stuff your face with any calorie-rich foods to load up on the calories. You should also load up on as much protein as you can, as well as foods which are used by your body to synthesise energy. Some of the best protein shakes to take by way of supplementation for this phase of the plan are those which have some creatine included.

Week Two & Three

The second and third weeks focus squarely on how to build muscle. You’re going to pump iron like crazy here, exercising your entire body by completing exercises which target compound muscle groups, until you reach absolute muscle failure in each set. Compound exercises include the likes of barbell curls, dead-lifts, squats, military presses, etc.

Week Four & Five

At the start of the fourth week, your calorie-rich diet should give way to one which is rich in protein, while your weight training regime should shift towards resistance exercises which now target isolated muscles. So you’d do biceps curls, lunges, leg-raises, pull-ups, hammer-head curls, bench-presses, etc., so as to target specific muscles for strength, size and just a bit of definition.

Week Six (and beyond)

The sixth week (and beyond that) is when you’ll be aiming to burn all the fat around your muscles, so you’ll be doing heavy cardio (running) and some exercises which use your own body weight, like push-ups, burpees, etc. No lifting weights here. You can do some exercises which target your core as well, as in the first week, but now’s the time to shed calories, so no face-stuffing.

If you do week six right, as the fat burns away, some big muscles will start to show, with the definition to go with. You can also start working on getting your washboard abs back again, but it’ll definitely be a challenge.

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