At Home Workout Routine – Why Are These Great Exercises?

Home Workouts offer easy daily workout routines for each of your major muscle groups. From arm curls to leg presses to shoulder presses to chest presses to squats, there are dozens of workout routines that can be easily done from the comfort of your home. No need to bring a special gym equipment or even a trainer in to work out, simply perform a couple of pushups or situps and you’re done. No need to strain your muscles with crunches or sit-ups, no need to waste your time running to the bathroom to use the treadmill, and no need to worry about missing a workout because you had to get up early. Best of all, exercising from home keeps maintenance of your home routine simple and saves you money.

One of the greatest challenges people have when choosing a home workout routine is keeping it interesting and unique enough to keep you motivated. Some people enjoy the social interaction that comes with working out in a group, while others prefer a more solitary experience. There’s no right answer, it’s really a matter of preference and what works best for you. For example, if you like the idea of working out alone in your hotel room on the weekends, but prefer the privacy (and less hassle) of working out in your own home, a 20-minute pushup routine won’t be enough.

That’s where the great things about a quality home hiit workout plan come in. A quality routine will allow you to take an hour or two and really crank out some serious muscle building numbers, giving you results that would rival those seen in the pages of a fitness magazine. Many plans will give you pre-planned intervals in which to exercise, giving you the chance to really push yourself. These plans usually have simple charts to track your progress so you can keep track of your progress over time, and they often come with detailed instructions for your routine, helping you to avoid injuries as you increase in intensity.

A few things to look for in a quality workout plan include a variety of exercises and workouts, plenty of recovery time between sessions, and a plan that’s flexible enough to work around your busy lifestyle. For instance, if you have a hectic family life and you’re constantly running late, a one-hour session may not be ideal. A good workout plan will allow you to fit in an extra hour here and there for interval training (I recommend the Peloton app for this). The recovery time between workouts should be enough to allow you to get home, energized, and ready for another session before starting your next session. And most plans are flexible enough to include additional forms of exercise, such as lifting weights or aerobics to build muscle mass, and even sports (such as skiing, tennis, football, or basketball) to help burn more calories.

One exercise that I love in a good home workout is the squat. The goal of the squat is to strengthen the entire quadriceps. Squats target the front, back, and hip muscles, as well as the hamstring and calves. The squat works out the quads, hamstrings, and calves, which all support the spine. With the knees bent and feet flat on the floor, simply squat down as far as you can, resting only a couple of inches in between each squat.

These are just a handful of exercises you could do to create a home gym workout routine. I recommend using cardio workouts for your cardio routine as opposed to weight training. You’ll burn more calories and build muscle faster, if you train with the weights but don’t try to build up to failure with the cardio workouts. For best results, be consistent and vary your workout a little every week or two with varying intensities and sets/reps.