7 ways to improve your workout performance

We all have those days in the gym when we feel sluggish, lethargic and everything seems like far more effort than it should be. Sometimes it can be down to factors that we can’t affect, such as a change in the weather or illness creeping in and sometimes it can be down to factors that we can change, such as boredom necessitating a freshening up of our routine.

Other times though it’s just because we aren’t really looking after ourselves correctly. If you’re finding yourself struggling in the gym, then try some of these seven ways to improve your workout performance.

Drink plenty of water

You probably don’t realize just how important water is when it comes to exercise. Losing just 2 percent of your body weight in fluid can affect performance by up to 25 percent, meaning a relatively small amount of sweat can cause a relatively large drop in performance. By ensuring you are constantly hydrated during exercise, you are ensuring your muscles and joints are lubricated which will prevent fatigue and stiffness and that oxygen is getting transported around your body to provide energy.

Work out with a friend or in a group

Working out by yourself can be a lonely place. By working out with a friend or joining an exercise group, you’ll have the factor of competition to spur you on which can lead to a big improvement in performance.

Give circuit training a go

More and more people are turning to circuit training and it isn’t hard to see why. Short, sharp bursts of exercising targeting every muscle group in one session is a time-efficient way of giving the body a full workout which can improve performance in multiple areas. They are easy to set up as well – you can circuit train in the local park or the comfort of your own home.

Go public

Knowing our results are going to be seen by friends and families can push us to new limits. With plenty of fitness apps such as Strava now out there allowing us to share our workouts at the touch of a button, it is easy to let people know what you are doing. The positive affirmation that we get when people give us “kudos” for our efforts can also help boost performance.

Get enough rest

When you are fatigued, your performance levels will naturally drop. Fatigue can come on for a number of reasons, ranging from not getting enough sleep which will affect your energy levels right through to overtraining. Make sure you are filtering enough rest days to give your body a break. You can also check out Selfhealinginstitute.Com for ideas of how to help heal your body when it is in need of rest.

Drink caffeine

Caffeine intake can improve performance during short-term exercise by allowing us to train for longer and at a greater power outlet, while it can also increase speed. Just another reason to have your morning cup of coffee.

Have fun

Perhaps the most important factor. If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing and are constantly clock watching as a result, then you aren’t going to be interest in or able to perform at your best. Make sure you are doing an activity you enjoy and if you aren’t enjoying a certain exercise on a certain day, try something new.

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