65 – Postpartum recovery: Taking care of it at the gym

It’s the period in your life where your body goes through the most changes and while celebrities all around the world tend to “revert back” to their former body at ease, for the average person this is simply not possible

This isn’t through a lack of trying, of course. Let’s not forget that the celebrities tend to have all sorts of outside assistance, and this means that their plight is aided immensely.

Nevertheless, there are ways to tackle the postpartum period and the effects that the previous months have had on your body. Sometimes, this might be with a surgery like breast augmentation, but there are ways and means at the gym as well.

As such, today’s article isn’t going to look at all of the individual exercises you can tap into in a bid to reverse your post-baby effects, but instead look at some quick fitness tips that will help you get into the routine of exercising much easier.

Things don’t happen immediately

One of the biggest mistakes that new moms around the world make is that they try to dive straight into a new exercise regime.

This is in some ways commendable, but it’s not the right course of action. Let’s not forget that your body has been through some immense change, and it needs at least some time to recover. This is the reason the health authorities are quick to remind new parents that they shouldn’t be exercising for the first few weeks after giving birth. Sure, specific exercises are acceptable, but it can take six weeks before you return to a so-called proper exercise routine.

Your goals need to adapt accordingly

On a similar vein, you need to adapt your goals somewhat. If you are expecting to keep the same routine as before you are most probably going to be disappointed. Your time is now more precious than ever, and hitting the gym on a daily basis is more often than not just not practical.

Also, your body has gone through a lot of change and getting to that pre-baby body might take even more work. Your shape has changed, and this needs to be taken into account when you exercise.

If you set unrealistic goals, it will demotivate you and this might hinder your willpower to exercise.

It’s not just about hitting the treadmill

Next, it’s not just about hitting the treadmill on a regular basis. Exercise can come in multiple forms, and you can even include baby in this regime. For example, it might just revolve around going for a long walk in a stroller. Sure, it’s not going to result in bucketloads of sweat, but it is some form of cardio and can help you stay in shape during these testing months.

Work out with your baby

On the subject of working out with your baby, let’s talk about what you can do at home. Sure, walking around with a stroller is a great idea, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Some moms will perform the likes of planks and crunches with their baby sat on top. This provides a whole magnitude of benefits; it’s time for the two of you to spend together, while it’s also good exercise for the both of you!