5 Ways To Schedule Yourself Into the Perfect Fitness Routine

Right around the new year, four billion people around the world promise themselves they’re going to get into better shape. Two weeks later, they figure out it’s too hard and quit. But then, as spring hits and shorts and t-shirts weather is upon us again, that same desire comes out of the blue.

But the question this time centers around ‘what did I do wrong last time?’ and ‘why didn’t I stick with it?’ So for this time, aim at fitness from a scheduling perspective, and use tricks like using a diet plant, changing habits instead of forcing new ones, easing into the routine, starting with a social group, and find your own reinforcement style.

Use a Diet Plan

In terms of scheduling your fitness, one of the first steps is going to be starting a diet plan. Some very smart people have put together all of the minute details for exercise routines with respect to food, so rather than try to come up with brand new ones on your own, why not just try the methods that are out there just waiting for you to follow them with ease?

Change Habits, Don’t Force New Ones

It’s very difficult to force new habits into an already-full schedule, and that’s why when you come to terms with trying a new fitness routine, you want to replace old habits instead of just trying to jam in new ones. You don’t have more time in your day just because you want to do more things. That is the essence of success in this endeavor, replace instead of initiate!

Ease Into the New Routine

Going full on into a new routine can be disruptive in terms of energy level, amount of time you have in the day, and even your job and family routines. That’s why it’s better to take small steps into new habits, as you’re much more likely to stick with them if they’re easier at first.

Start With a Social Group

Starting new fitness habits with a group is nearly always going to work out better for you. There’s social pressure, and then there’s also the fact that getting together with like-minded people is fun, and takes away some of the drain of working hard to better yourself.

Find Your Own Positive and Negative Reinforcement Style

In terms of consistency of scheduling, you can either use positive or negative reinforcement. In other words, you can either reward yourself for doing the right things at the right time, or you can punish yourself for missing out on those scheduled opportunities. Different people respond different ways, so find out which works the best for you.

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