5 Tips For Losing 10 Pounds

If you’ve been wanting to lose a few pounds, you aren’t alone.  Statistics say that one out of every three people would like to lose an average of ten pounds.  The problem is, wanting to make it happen often isn’t enough. It takes knowing the right tricks which will effectively shed the weight without resorting to unhealthy and drastic measures.

If you’re ready to get started losing weight and keep it off, then take a look at some of the simplest things that you can do which will make a big difference in your waistline.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Eating three full meals a day plus snacks can start to add up as the days go on, particularly if you have some weight to lose.  The only way that you’ll effectively lose weight is if you reduce your calorie intake by limiting your overall consumption.

One of the best ways to cut back is to replace a meal with a shake which is full of all of the nutrients that you need.  While there are many shakes on the market, it’s best to choose one which is complete rather than full of sugar or lacking in essential vitamins.

Increase Your Cardio

The best way to burn calories is to get your heart rate up to a cardiovascular level.  Try to get your heart rate up so that your chest is pounding and it’s challenging to speak without being out of breath.

The nice thing about cardio is that are many different forms.  You can do everything from dancing to going for a bike ride to swimming.  With so many different ways to get your heart rate up, it’s hard to get bored!

Use a Calorie Counter

While once upon a time people had to use a pen and paper with a calculator to add up all of the calories that they consumed throughout the day, modern technology now makes it as simple as ever.   

Using an app throughout the day on your phone will quickly enter the amount of the calories that you’ve consumed as you go, so that you know exactly how much that you’ve got left for the rest of the day.  As a result, you’ll easily stay within your caloric limits without having to do much work at all!

Walk To Work

If you live within a reasonable distance from your work by foot, you may want to consider cutting out your morning commute entirely and walk instead!  Not only will you save a significant amount of money, but you’ll burn as many as 800 calories an hour!

If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, going to work by foot can be a great way to combine exercise with productivity.