5 Reasons Why a Career in Nursing Could Prove to Be Unhealthy

Being a nurse is hard work regardless of the type of nursing you specialize in, and that can have a negative impact on your health. Even if you have studied for a bachelor of science in nursing through Rutgers Online or other online BSN program, you can be sure that the healthcare industry is going to take its toll on you in one way or another. A nursing career doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your health, though, and by implementing a fitness plan into your lifestyle, you will benefit from a very rewarding career. After all, you may have put in a good amount of time and dedication in those CNA Classes that you took and also double the effort you have taken to secure a job in this field. That said, if you do not make the effort to look after yourself as a nurse then the following reasons could cause you to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lack of Sleep

Some nurses work different shifts throughout the month, which means they do not get the benefit of having the same sleeping patterns as people working the same set hours every week do. Nurses will lose sleep because of this, and eventually they may get used to not having enough sleep, which is a health issue in its own right.


Even though being a nurse can be very rewarding, being a nurse is also one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. It causes many nurses to wonder why they entered the healthcare industry, and it even leads to depression in other nurses, which is why it’s important to try and relieve stress as much as possible by having fun during the week, eating healthy food, and exercising as regularly as possible to help you feel good about yourself.

Unhealthy Eating

Nurses do not eat well as they rarely have the time to prepare meals to take to work or eat when they are home. This is why it’s important for nurses that have to work long shifts on a regular basis to spend one afternoon per week preparing food for the week ahead, just to ensure they get the healthy food that gives them the boost to carry on with their jobs.

Little Exercise

As a nurse, you will walk around a lot during your shift which does provide fitness benefits. However, you will be working long shifts most of the time, and that will mean a lack of energy to go on and exercise when not in work. Walking is good exercise throughout the day, but being able to go jogging for 30 minutes, or cycling, would be a much better exercise to enjoy at least twice each week.

Too Much Caffeine

With the long shifts nurses are expected to undertake on a weekly basis meaning they are constantly tired, many feel the need to consume coffee on a regular basis to give them some drive throughout the day. Coffee isn’t the only drink nurses consume, though, and you will find a lot of nurses drink a lot of unhealthy energy drinks to get through the day too.

Being a nurse has many benefits in terms of a good salary and finishing every shift knowing you have made a difference, but if you do not look after yourself you will find it could be one of the unhealthiest careers available.

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